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The many benefits of Orlando hard drive destruction

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With software and hardware upgrades, equipment breakdowns, and technology’s end-of-life, Orlando businesses often find themselves with old hard drives that they either lock up in a storage closet or dispose of in a public container. This is a massive risk.

Keeping an idle hard drive around the office or leaving it exposed where anyone can still retrieve it can open your business up to unexpected liabilities. But hiring a professional company that specializes in the destruction of hard drives and computer equipment can relieve you of those potential burdens. Here are some of the biggest benefits of employing a hard drive destruction company.


More peace of mind

Hard drive destruction is not a core function of your Orlando business. It’s a task that’s necessary to complete for safe and proper operations, but it’s not a priority for you or your employees to learn how to do. Hiring a company whose core business functions do include hard drive destruction and disposal guarantees the job is done the right way. That makes your office more secure and gives your employees one less thing to worry about.

Better compliance

Especially in businesses that handle a lot of private client information, the proper destruction of data is heavily regulated by public agencies. For example, medical offices must abide by standards set forth by legislation like HIPAA and FACTA. Quite often, these agencies require outside proof that you follow their regulations to the letter. Only a professional hard drive destruction company can provide the certification that keeps your company legally compliant.

More office space

Small businesses only have so much room in their supply closets and storage facilities. The accumulation of old office equipment, documentation, and outdated software can use up that space in a hurry. Hanging on to bulky hard drives that no longer work only limits your storage space, and if you use a public storage site it could cost more money. All these concerns go away when you have your outdated or inoperative hard drives professionally destroyed.

Guaranteed data removal

Erasing or reformatting a hard drive doesn’t always remove every scrap of data. Someone tech-savvy can still extract confidential information from a discarded hard drive, even if it’s only slightly damaged. But nobody can exploit a hard drive that has been physically destroyed beyond recognition. That’s the best and only way to assure your data is safe from outsiders.


Fast, thorough hard drive destruction

Orlando companies rely on ShredQuick to destroy their old hard drives that still contain sensitive information. Contact us to find out how we can help keep your business clean, safe, and secure.

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