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The many risks of in-house shredding for your Ft. Myers business

A person placing a sheet of paper into a personal desk paper shredder.

Paper shredding is a function that many business offices in Ft. Myers prefer to do cheaply and quickly; it’s not a task many managers like to think about during more important daily operations. To take care of it, many purchase paper shredders from office supply stores. And that can be a mistake.

Using a consumer-grade paper shredder, rather than a professional and dedicate off-site service, can expose your company to some unexpected, sneakily dangerous risks.

Its a fire hazard

Consumer paper shredders are particularly sensitive pieces of electric equipment. They can get overused, which means they can suffer power surges, which means they can be fire hazards. Improper disposal of documentation can be a fire trap as well. Shredded paper left in balls somewhere in your office catches and spreads fire extremely quickly.

Its an occupational hazard

Paper shredder accidents may not be all that common, but they do happen. It takes just one incident of an employee getting their clothing, long hair, or fingers to have a disastrous effect on their personal safety and your business liability. Having all your documentation taken to an off-site shredding facility eliminates that possibility.

It affects air quality

Every time you use a consumer-grade paper shredder as directed, it creates dust. It’s very easy for dust particles to get into the air circulating through your office. Employees with high sensitivity to dust and dander can be adversely affected by these particles, which can even result in severe allergic reactions, lung infections, and respiratory difficulties. Like those shredded paper balls, these small bits of dust can also be highly combustible.

It can expose your office to security breaches

The objective of document shredding is to protect a company from the risk of exposing sensitive information. But doing so yourself with a commercial paper shredder doesn’t lower that risk. Mechanical problems can cause the shredder to get jammed, work slowly, or break down altogether and leave much of the documentation intact. Even when the device works well, disposing of shredded paper in recycling or trash bins still leaves enough data for dishonest types to exploit.

It may make your company non-compliant

In some places, the proper destruction of outdated, sensitive information is regulated by law. When regulatory agencies check your company for compliance with their codes, they often need to see paperwork that verifies you’ve destroyed confidential information properly. They can’t just take your word for it. Only a licensed and certified off-site shredding company can issue that validation.

Simple, effective, and safe document destruction

ShredQuick is Ft. Myers’ most professional and certified agents of document destruction. Our services can protect you and your company from the risks of unsafe or incomplete in-house paper shredding. Call us to find out more about how we can help.

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