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The Multiple Layers of Security Mobile Shredding Provides

Perhaps, you’re worried about
the prospect of a data breach or identity theft.  Thus, you might think it’s best that your
Florida business handle document shredding in-house.  Yet, this is probably a mistake. 

Actually, a professional mobile shredding service is likely more secure and reliable than your current set-up.  There are a variety of reasons for this.  Really, most businesses don’t have a dedicated person or department tasked with shredding. 

Hence, employees are left to do
it on their own.  Truthfully, this could leave gaps in security.  This is true even if you have fairly clear
policies in place.  In addition, there are many rules related to shredding.

That’s because you must keep
with consumer privacy laws and industry-specific standards.  Really, this leaves plenty of chances to make
costly mistakes. It’s best to have a reputable Florida mobile shredding
service on your side.

By doing so, you’ll enjoy
assured compliance.  In reality, their industrial
shredding equipment meets current standards. 
Also, you’ll receive multiple layers of security for data protection and
peace of mind. 

Locking Bins for Your Office

The first security feature
offered by a reliable mobile shredding service is locking bins for in-office
use.  Essentially, these bins of varying sizes require only that employees
throw documents in the slot. 

Thus, they can’t be removed by
others who shouldn’t have access to the contents.  Now, you’ve implemented shred-all and clean
desk policies.  Therefore, you
significantly reduce risk factors for in-office theft or errors.

This includes throwing
sensitive documents in the trash.  Let’s say the date of your scheduled
pick-up arrives.  In that case, the
contents of the bins go into the mobile shredding unit on-site. 

On-Site Shredding

Truthfully, this is probably
the security feature businesses will appreciate most.  There’s no better
way to ensure your sensitive documents are shredded.  That’s because you can watch the process in

First, a security container
filled with your documents will be hydraulically lifted.  Then, it’s dumped in the truck at your
location.  Finally, the driver activates
the shredder. 

You can watch on a monitor as
your documents are shredded to bits.  Also,
they’ll be in compliance with all applicable privacy laws.  After
shredding, materials are taken to our secure location.  There, they’re prepared for recycling.  They ensure the height of security every step
of the way. 

Certificate of Destruction

Yet, there’s one final courtesy.  It’s that the driver who destroys your
documents on-site will provide you with a Certificate of Destruction.  This is critical proof for your

Thus, you should partner with a
Florida shredding service.  Select one
that offers all of these security features. 
In doing so, you’ll rest easy knowing you won’t have to worry about
confidential documents becoming a liability.

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