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The Nuts and Bolts: A Step-by-Step Guide for Getting Rid of Old Technology in Ft. Myers

A retro computer from the 80's. This image represents e-waste warnings.

Computers do not last forever. Every day, businesses, schools, and individuals upgrade their computer equipment. The disposal of the old equipment can be problematic due to personal data concerns. How can you be sure that you’re disposing of your old equipment in a safe, secure way?

Address Key Recycling Concerns

There are several concerns you should have when disposing of old technology. Of course, electronic equipment should always be disposed of in an environmentally responsible fashion.

But most businesses and individuals worry more about their business and personal data. Computers store an incredible amount of data, most of which could be detrimental in the wrong hands. It can be scary to think about where your old computer hard drives end up and who might have access to data.

Understand the Processes and Risks

Before you take your old computers to a recycler, you should know a few things about hard drives. While most recyclers do wipe the hard drives, it may not always be a complete process.

Recyclers generally disassemble the equipment so that they can benefit financially from the recycled materials. The parts are frequently shipped overseas.

This process can be problematic and even dangerous from a security standpoint. Whoever uses your computer can still access your personal information if it was not completely removed from the hard drive. That means your tax information, social security number, bank and credit card numbers, and other confidential information could be compromised.

Data mining on discarded computer equipment is unfortunately quite common. That is especially true when parts are shipped overseas. Proper disposal of old technology prevents this risk.

Follow the Steps

Safe, secure technology disposal is dependent upon a few simple but critical steps: 

  • Safe, secure, certified pickup of old equipment
  • Assurance they will dispose of equipment in an environmentally responsible manner
  • Complete destruction using a shredding process
  • Ensure no materials will ship overseas
  • Gain confidence in a secure chain of custody throughout the disposal process

Call ShredQuick for Tech Disposal

In Ft. Myers, ShredQuick is your solution for disposing of old technology. The process is simple, safe, and convenient. Give us a call for a quick free quote on the equipment you need shredded. Once you sign up, there’s no need to deliver. ShredQuick will pick up the equipment at your location and transport it safely and securely to our facility.

The process is quick, easy, and worry-free. You will have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your personal data is not at risk and feel good about being environmentally responsible.

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