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Are you familiar with TV programs in the CSI or Law and Order families? If so, you’ve probably heard the term “chain of custody”.  In these procedural dramas, the term refers to evidence taken from a crime scene.

It must be tracked as it moves to a secure police storage facility. Then, eventually to the courtroom, ensuring it is not tampered with.

Similarly, in business, you also need to observe a chain of custody when it comes to document shredding. In doing so, you’ll ensure sensitive company, employee, and customer data doesn’t end up in the wrong hands.

Otherwise, it’s subjecting you to legal and ethical concerns.  What is the purpose of a chain of custody? Also, how can a mobile document shredding company help?

Purpose of Chain of Custody

Business owners understand the ethical obligation to protect sensitive data. After all, it could negatively impact employees, customers, or your business if it fell into the wrong hands.

In addition, of course, there are privacy laws in place. With these, businesses must comply. If not, they face penalties and other potential legal repercussions.

Consider instituting policies that track the chain of custody. Think about it especially where sensitive data is concerned. Thus, it can help you to avoid these ethical and legal snafus.

Plus, it ensures confidential data is protected from both internal and external threats.  In other words, a chain of custody means knowing who handles your documents every step of the way. Therefore, it’s necessary to protect your business.

How Can You Manage Chain of Custody?

Perhaps, you merely have open bins for document destruction in your office. In that case, you don’t know who is handling documents and gaining access to confidential data.

Your Florida document shredding company can help you to combat this issue. They will provide locking bins. Employees can put documents in them. However, they prevent removal after the fact.

What about when documents are shredded?  Do you dump paper remains in the trash? If so, you should know they become public. That means anyone could steal them.

Hence, you must use standards for shredding with proper equipment and sizing. If not, thieves will find ways to reconstruct documents. They use sophisticated scanning and computer technologies.

This could lead to identity theft, data breach, and other problems business owners would rather avoid.  It’s best to choose a reputable mobile document shredding service.  In doing so, you won’t have these issues.

In fact, they’ll collect bins and shred documents on-site, as you watch. Then, they will then haul paper remains to a secure facility for recycling. This, in turn, completes the chain of custody. Also, it ensures your protection.