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The Risks of Relying on Office Shredders for Orlando Businesses

A close up of shredded paper. This image is meant to represent Risks of Office Shredders

Around this time of year, businesses in Orlando are looking to do some end-of-fiscal-year cleaning. For numerous reasons, the top priority of their housekeeping list is shredding documents. In order to be compliant with the law, it is critical to protect and secure every customer’s private information.

Every business collects and maintains sensitive information, both internally and concerning customers. Companies are diligent about paper shredding, but a large majority still use office shredders. Unbeknownst to them, using an office shredder comes with a huge amount of risk.

Efficiency Issues and Delays

Office shredders aren’t inherently expensive, but like any other machinery, regular maintenance is required. Routine maintenance can possibly uncover deeper issues with the shredder. If a part has to be purchased or fixed, you need to pay a technician. 

In addition to paying for labor, you lose the ability to shred documents until your machine is fixed. This can result in important documents slipping through the cracks and not being shredded in a time frame compliant with the law.

Paper shredders marketed to consumers tend not to be up to the task of proper documentation shredding. Consumer privacy specifications can range from the way the paper is cut to the size of the type of shredder you use. 

This is extremely important because if the paper isn’t disposed of properly or gets sent to an unsecured recycling center, it can be retrieved and restored by criminals. 

Security Risks

When documents are set to be shredded, some offices leave them out in the open or pile them up in bins that aren’t in a secure location. External and even internal theft is too common, and you run the risk of putting your business in harm’s way.

Even delegating the responsibility to a specific employee doesn’t completely remove risk. In fact, it creates massive room for error. If an employee does not know exactly which documents should be shredded and how they should be disposed of, your customer’s personal information is nowhere near secure.

The Bottom Line

Shredding documents properly is not as simple as it sounds. If it isn’t done properly, you run the very expensive risk of penalties. Meeting the compliance standards is of the utmost importance, just like maintaining trust between you and customers by keeping their private information secure. 

If you’re looking for a shredding company with privacy guarantees and timely service during this end-of-year period, call ShredQuick. We know how to keep your documents safe and secure, and we’ll even let you see the destruction process yourself at our on-site shredding trucks.

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