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The Three Stages of a Record’s Life Cycle in St. Petersburg

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Record-keeping has a method to it that most people may not consider. When you work in an industry that keeps records, it can be helpful to understand the record’s life cycle. There are three parts to a record’s life cycle: creation, maintenance and use, and disposal. Learn more about each stage of record-keeping below. 


When a record is created, it usually details important information about specific people, products, or places. When you create any kind of record, it is important to ensure the details are accurate, useful, and compliant with your industry’s standards. 

Most companies have a specific format for each type of record they create. When establishing the first copy of a record, it is up to you to make sure it has all of the correct and necessary information. It may not be possible to correct mistakes in the future. 

Maintenance and Use

Records are kept for reference, evidence, and organization within different industries. Each record is kept for a certain time to serve its purpose. Maintaining records is important, even if they are not used. 

The use of records varies in each industry. Some records are only ever maintained and not used. Other records are used daily. Make sure you follow industry standards at all times. For example, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations require certain record-keeping practices in the medical field. 

Store records in an efficient, easily-accessible manner to be used as needed. If you know that administrative staff will frequently use some records, make them available and well-organized to speed up the process. 


Record disposal helps companies avoid clutter and protect patient or customer privacy. When disposing of any record, make sure you follow your industry’s exact procedure. Some fields of work require complete record destruction to protect privacy and prevent interference from other companies. 

ShredQuick Record Disposal

At ShredQuick, we offer mass-disposal shredding services to businesses and residential entities. When possible, we securely recycle the record material to avoid environmental pollution and harm to wildlife. 

Whether you need to destroy medical records, computer hard drives, or personal files, we can complete the process efficiently for you. 

We can also bring our shredding services right to your front door. We ensure total privacy and protection of your information when disposing of records. Use ShredQuick for all of your secure record disposal needs!

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