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The Top 5 Devices to Recycle in Tampa

Old hard drives and broken electronics piled up. This image represents devices that need to be recycled.

The modern world teems with electronic devices. That means that it’s also confronted with e-waste, and Tampa is no exception. The good news is that almost all of these devices can be safely disposed of through recycling.

The Top Recyclable Devices and Equipment

Very few pieces of e-waste are not recyclable. Anything with cables, wires, motherboards, or semi-conductors can usually be recycled. In fact, it’s important that the materials in these devices be kept as far away from landfills as possible. 

Here are five kinds of devices that have recyclable materials.

Computer Equipment

Desktops, laptops, tablets, and even that ancient Commodore 64 (ask your parents) are recyclable. Peripheral equipment, like mice and monitors, can be recycled, too. Hard drives and motherboards are even great to recycle.


Smartphones, cell phones, cordless phones, and even rotary phones (ask your grandparents) can all be recycled. The cadmium inside of the batteries from a smartphone can be extricated to make more batteries. Some recyclers melt down old phones in a smelter, which “mines” the resulting liquid for bits of gold and other metals.


Laser, inkjet, mobile, desktop, and 3D printers are all appropriate devices for recycling. The internal parts and materials can be reused, including circuit boards, wires, cables, plastic, and metal. You can even recycle used toner cartridges!

TVs and Monitors

Any kind of television can go through the recycling process. This includes flatscreens, plasma, LED, LCD, and old cathode ray tube TVs. Even old computer monitors and conference room displays can be recycled. It’s especially important to recycle TVs and monitors because they may contain toxic metals, like mercury or lead.

Networking Hardware

All of the complex elements of modern networking equipment can be recycled to make new components. This can include gateways, routers, modems, bridges, hubs, and switches. Like other kinds of computer equipment, networking gear contains metals, copper, plastics, and other materials that shouldn’t go in landfills.

A Word of Warning

There’s a right way to recycle e-waste — and a very, very wrong one. Old digital equipment, especially hard drives, can contain traces of data. Recycling it without destroying this data leaves information exposed. That can lead to potential data or identity theft. Make sure that your e-waste recycling process destroys the components and recycles the raw materials. 

ShredQuick Tackles Tampa’s E-Waste

ShredQuick has the solutions to recycle any kind of digital waste that Tampa throws its way. We shred old devices and partner with certified recyclers. We eliminate all traces of private information in a process that’s environmentally safe. For more information, give us a call!

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