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Top 5 Most Vulnerable Areas in Your Office

Of course, you lock the doors when you leave your house. Perhaps, you even keep them locked when you are at home. After all, you do not want all of your worldly possessions at risk. In truth, the same applies to your office.

Certainly, companies don’t leave sensitive files, computers, and other equipment accessible. Yet, what about the threat of theft from inside? Really, even careful Florida managers can miss potential risks. This can lead to a data breach. Thus, diligent prevention steps are necessary.

Perhaps, the best strategy starts with an awareness of business-specific risks. Likely, it is the locations of origin. Actually, some areas of an office are more vulnerable than in other places. Therefore, let us look at five common security risk locations and how to handle them.

1. Office Desks

In reality, the obvious item in any office is the desk. Daily, employees spend most of their time working at them. In doing so, they are littered with lots of confidential information. Often, passwords and sensitive data are left out when your staff leaves their desks. Therefore, the space must be “clean” of any vulnerable information.

2. The Printer

Sure, they look innocent enough. They are just another office peripheral that we use every day. Still, printers hold a risk of a data breach. Truthfully, even a minute of inattention leaves sensitive documents open for disaster. Thus, consider requiring internal codes or passwords. Ensure employees use them to print documents. Remember, print trays are easy prey for thieves.

3. Recycling Bins

Naturally, your Florida business recycles as much as possible. In doing so, old documents are tossed to begin a new life. However, recycling bins are full of confidential information. Though, the good news is that there is also an easy fix. First, remove the bin from your office. Then, transfer discarded paper to a secure location. Consider using a professional shredding service.

4. IT Environs

Indeed, the IT department manages confidential information every day. Also, they provide staff with wi-fi access to do their work. Necessary, is extensive security on any internet or cloud-based network. Thus, you will ensure private data stays that way. At the very least, keep IT work safely behind locked doors.

5. Breakrooms

Actually, the office lunch or break area is a relaxed space. Yet, the informal atmosphere can stimulate conversations about confidential information. Consequently, be sure your Florida employees understand where and when to discuss company information.

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