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Top Ways to Declutter Your Tampa Home Office with a Shredding Service

Three file folders behind a giant magnifying glass. This image represents decluttering a home office.

With more people working from home than ever before, many are finding themselves in a cluttered mess of paper and old devices. With updated technology being brought in to buttress your work-from-home capabilities and a dizzying assortment of papers, it can feel as though you will always be buried.

Fortunately, contacting a Tampa shredding service can help securely declutter your home office and keep you organized.

Migrate Data to a Single Computer System

The first way that you can declutter your Tampa home office is by migrating all your digital information to a single system and backup. Take all the important data from your old hard drives, PCs, and tablets, and store it on your newest device.

Next, make a backup using a flash drive and secure that in another part of your home, or place data on the Cloud. Then, any devices that no longer have valuable data can have their memory wiped and be used by other family members. Otherwise, they can be recycled or destroyed with a shredding service for security purposes.

Go Through All of Your Paper Records

The next thing that you should do is go through all the paper records you have in your home office. You should sort them into three groups:

  • Must be filed permanently
  • Must be filed for a short time
  • Must be shredded

If you do not have one already, it is time to get a filing cabinet and secure your paper documents inside. Anything that is not being shredded needs to be filed, and the rest should be stored in boxes until your shredding service appointment arrives.

Buy a Scanner to Back Up Paperwork

If you need to keep the information from a paper document but not the physical record, buy a digital scanner. Use the scanner to make a digital copy of the record, store it on your computer, and then securely shred the papers.

Schedule the Shredding and Recycling Process

Once you have put all the extraneous paper documents into a container and decided which computer systems are being recycled or destroyed, it is time to call your local Tampa shredding service. That way, you can rest assured that the paperwork and computer storage devices are properly destroyed.


Setting up your home office can be an arduous process if you have too much office clutter. Fortunately, hiring a shredding service to get rid of old documents and storage devices is a simple and effective way to get rid of clutter.

Take some time to determine what you need to keep and then make the call to get rid of the rest.

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