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Types of Companies That Benefit from Document Shredding Services

Pieces of shredded paper.Perhaps, your company has chosen to handle paper shredding in-house. How do you select who gets shred the piles of paper?

Have you tried drawing straws for this job? Maybe, this is a typical day at your company. If so, it’s time to consider professional paper shredding services.

Select a reliable and reputable paper shredding service for your Florida company. After all, it’s a smart approach regarding the security of sensitive documents. Also, there’s an enormous gain in efficiency. It permits your company to focus on its core business.

Would your particular company benefit from partnering with a paper shredding service? Let’s take a look at businesses that can get a jump ahead with shred.

Healthcare Companies

Any company storing or working with patients’ private health information has HIPPA regulations. They maintain guidelines for paper and electronic records destruction.

In fact, companies that don’t adhere to regulations will incur fines. Therefore, find a reliable paper shredding service. They’ll ensure complete destruction and disposal of private information.

Companies Short on Space

At some point, nearly every company runs short on storage space. Perhaps, this is an everyday challenge for your Florida office environment. Hence, sensitive documents should be stored in a secure area.

However, be sure to assign a designated space. Otherwise, those documents will collect in a hallway or other open location.

Financial Services Companies

Naturally, companies handling financial information work with sensitive data daily. As such, it is critical they have reliable paper shredding practices in place.

This is further influenced by a pair of federal regulations: The Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act and Sarbanes-Oxley Act. They require companies to maintain current practices for proper data destruction.

DIY Shredders

Actually, companies handling paper shredding in-house are at significant risk. Many basic shredders cut documents into strips. In reality, these become an easily-reassembled puzzle for determined thieves.

Also, the time involved and wages spent to stage an employee at the shredder all day gets expensive. Therefore, don’t “Store” sensitive documents in unsecured areas. Contrarily, it leaves them vulnerable to theft or manipulation.

Bottom Line

The takeaway is that every company can benefit from partnering with a paper shredding service. In fact, data breaches cost companies billions of dollars every year. Plus, they leave countless individuals susceptible to identity theft.

Instead, consider paper shredding services. They provide a sound strategy in protecting private and confidential documents. Additionally, they’ll save you money. Also, you’ll stay true to related regulations.

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