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Ways to Maintain Data Security When Employees Work from Home During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Today, the COVID-19 pandemic has the global economy at a standstill. Indeed, governments around the world are functioning in uncertainty. Also, hospitals are overrun. Plus, people are hoarding necessities like toilet paper.

Now, almost every state in the U.S. has implemented shelter-in-place orders. Thus, only essential businesses can remain open. Also, many companies are allowing their staff to work from home. Really, this is nothing new to some people.

Other people find themselves in a new environment. Also, business leaders have to adjust to remote staff and operations. Let’s say the conditions are ideal. In that case, setting up this kind of workspace is a big job. Plus, it requires a lot of time.

These days, technology is flexible and innovative. Therefore, the shift to remote work opens the door to security risks. Then, how does a manager ensure their Florida company’s data stays secure with so much offsite working? Here are some proven ways to maintain data security with remote work:

Monitor Confidential Material

Perhaps, employees new to remote workdays might feel relaxed. Maybe, they feel safe enough in their own homes. Possibly, they leave sensitive information on the kitchen table or left under a newspaper.

In fact, even those aware of privacy might throw company documents away. Truthfully, they can end up in the recycling pile or run through their shredder. Really, neither of these is a wise choice. Frankly, shredded documents are exposed to theft.

Therefore, prevent disaster by developing a plan for offsite data management. In truth, it must include partnering with a reputable shredding service. Select one that provides locking containers for pickup and appropriate disposal.

In actuality, variations in data security leave a Florida company open to a data breach. Additionally, they can face fines, compromised reputation, and other negative outcomes.

Authenticate on The Move

In fact, remote working relies on working together via video conference. Consider instant messaging. Also, think about internal tools connecting departments. Now, it is a good time to initiate specific measures. In doing so, you will help employees keep aware of suspicious actions.

Safety of Company Equipment

Now, consider leaving a company’s home office with laptops or other devices. In reality, it exposes that equipment to loss or theft. Consequently, protect against this with disk encryption. Additionally, use secure passwords. Also, remind employees to log out when not working. Plus, they must never leave equipment unattended.

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