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These are the days of ubiquitous identity theft. Thus, the impetus is on businesses and individuals. All need to ensure confidential information is properly disposed of.

After all, this reduces the risk of fraud, breaches of privacy, and infiltration of private information. To that end, document shredding is a wise and often-used strategy.

There are many benefits of document shredding in office environments. They include improved efficiency in records management.

By shredding, you create valuable space formerly occupied by piles and boxes of paper. Truthfully, it streamlines internal operations.

The most visible benefit is the eco-friendly result from document destruction via shredding. Shredded paper is nearly always transformed into new products.

In fact, it’s applicable to myriad different industries. Also, the public relations benefit can be a boost to a company.

Yet, consider the high volumes of paper generated every day. Also, think about entire rooms full of stored documents. How can a company keep up?


Are you familiar with shred bins? They’re used for large quantities of sensitive information. They are chosen when traditional, unsecured recycling bins won’t cut it.

Shred bins are specifically designed containers. Inside, they store confidential documents in the interim between original use and shredding. These bins include reinforced, secure closures. They can be locked to keep out nefarious intentions.

However, is it a hassle to have to unlock the container every time? Let’s address this concern.

In reality, shred bins act as a commercial mailbox. This allows paper to be deposited, but not removed. Once inside, the paper is stored. Finally, it is carted off to be shredded and then recycled.


Perhaps, you want to streamline your Florida document shredding process. Consequently, it is important to select the right bin size.

This is determined by your particular office activity. How much paper do you produce each day? How will your office layout accommodate a shred bin?

How many bins will you need and where will they reside? Aesthetics can also be a deciding factor. That’s because bins come in different styles and colors. This is to better blend in with your office décor.

Perhaps, some employees want their own shred bin. Actually, mini bins can handle 6-24 gallons of product. Conversely, standard-size bins hold up to 32 gallons.

Shred totes are also available in a variety of sizes. They come complete with wheels. This allows for easy transport from the office to loading dock.

Remember, traditional recycling bins are great. However, that’s only if its contents are completely free of sensitive information. Consider secure shred bins to ensure total security.


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Aug 29, 2019

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