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Truthfully, you don’t necessarily have to be an IT specialist to understand something.  It’s that deleting files and clearing your recycle bin isn’t enough.

In fact, it won’t permanently eliminate data stored on hard drives.  Actually, it’s like document destruction using a consumer model shredding equipment.

Thus, it is enough to satisfy privacy regulations.  Perhaps, you’re not well-versed in how to comply with laws.  Specifically, the ones related to document shredding.

Also, you must follow the laws regarding the proper procedure for IT asset disposition.  Actually, there is information on existing laws readily available.

Yet, it’s difficult to know whether certain rules and regulations apply to your business.  Plus, laws change frequently.  That’s due to new technologies arising.

Thus, it’s difficult to keep up.  However, knowing the basics protects you.  Additionally, find a reputable and trustworthy partner.  Their priority is to help you comply with applicable privacy laws regarding data destruction.

Wiping versus Shredding

Consider hard copies.  Did you know that you have to cross-cut paper?  Are you aware that shreds have to be smaller than specified sizing?

These things are necessary in order to comply with privacy laws.  Do you need to know the size or the proper equipment to use?  Yes, you do.

Yet, this is true only for shredded documents done in-house.  Instead, partner with a NAID certified Florida document shredding company.  They comply with regulations on your behalf.

In fact, they meet HIPAA, FACTA, and other high standards for data destruction.  Similarly, you needn’t understand how to properly dispose of hard drives or other electronic devices.

In fact, your trusted document shredding company offers IT asset disposition services.  This includes hard drive shredding.

Thus, here’s what you need to know.  It’s important to know the difference between wiping and shredding.  Plus, you must understand what they mean to you.

Comprehensive service providers will first wipe your hard drive.  In doing so, they’re overwriting any remaining data with zeros.  This ensures no trace remains.

Then, they shred the drive before securely recycling parts.  Perhaps, you’re interested in refurbishing hard drives for resale. After all, recouping some of the costs sounds great.

Still, it’s up to you to ensure they’re properly wiped first.  That said, it’s best to wipe, and then shred, hard drives.

In doing so, you’ll comply with all applicable laws.  Also, your company, and customers, are protected.

Professional Help

The right mobile document shredding service will offer many options.  This includes hard drive destruction.  Actually, this comes with the same guarantees of security.

Also, it is in compliance with federal, state, and local privacy laws.  Additionally, it meets the requirements of industry-specific regulations related to consumer privacy.

You needn’t go it alone and risk making mistakes.  Instead, use the professionals.  They’re on your side.  After all, they know regulations inside and out.