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What Car Dealerships Can Do to Protect Sensitive Customer Data

Certainly, we all hope the current medical crisis ends. Then, life returns to normal. When it does, we will be back in business. Finally, you can go out to a restaurant. Perhaps, you will buy that new car you wanted.

With the latter, consider the purchasing process. In reality, it includes providing the dealer with sensitive information. This includes initial financing steps and employment data. Also, it’s comprised of other personal details like your driver’s license and credit history.

Really, you trust the dealer to do the right thing. After all, they must keep your information secure from potential theft. Unfortunately, most auto dealers don’t prioritize cybersecurity. Indeed, cyber-attacks within the auto industry result in disastrous consequences.

Florida dealers and their customers could pay millions in recovery. Also, there’s a temporary loss of business. How can a dealership ensure compliance with data security regulations, while offering peace of mind to their customers?

Review Current Procedures

Maybe, you aren’t aware of your internal software programs and security? Consider software that you’ve used for years. Likely, it’s full of possible entry points for identity thieves and hackers.

Thus, it’s important to look closely at existing programs. Also, review your equipment. By doing so, you’ll ensure the highest security and service.

Training Matters

Of course, it can get shuffled to the back burner. Yet, regular employee training on data security is important. In fact, an internal error is the number one cause of data breaches.

Therefore, keep staff up to speed on this risk. Actually, it goes a long way in preventing disaster for your Florida dealership. Really, email and general online security are effective starting points.

Establish A Comprehensive Shredding Policy

Perhaps, your Florida facility doesn’t already do document shredding. If that’s the case, now is the time. Consider wayward documents with sensitive information.

After all, they are open to theft and negative fallout. Thus, implement a daily shredding policy for all vulnerable documents. Also, partner with a professional service. Consequently, you’ll ensure nothing is left to chance.

Stay Alert

Truthfully, cyber-attacks never rest. In fact, roughly eighty percent of dealers will fall victim to data breach this year. Yet, few of them have a defensive plan established. That supports the need to monitor data security.

Also, review internal documents for any sign of infiltration by thieves. Finally, stay proactive. After all, it is the best course of action. Hence, have adequate procedures in place. Thus, you can weather an attack without disrupting daily operations.     


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