You might think a hammer and nails will do the trick, or even just a hammer. You might have seen tutorials online. They show people melting their hard drive in acid.

First of all, these methods of hard drive destruction are dangerous. After all, you could suffer bodily harm if you slip up or you don’t know what you’re doing.

Second, and more importantly, there’s no guarantee these methods will work. Let’s say you smash your hard drive to bits. In doing so, you haven’t actually removed the data. Thus, a clever thief could still find ways to extract it.

The good news is that there are plenty of ways to destroy a hard drive. However, you can go it alone. Therefore, you should consider something.

Turn the task over to professionals at a reliable Florida document shredding service. That’s because actually destroying a hard drive is a little more difficult. It’s not your average document destruction.

What Not to Do

Before we get to what you should do, let’s do a quick refresh on worst ways to attempt to destroy your hard drives. As noted above, brute physical attacks are a no-no. Also, you won’t get anywhere by simply deleting files.

In fact, doing this only removes them from your view. However, it leaves data on drives until it is overwritten. Throwing away hard drives is an obvious mistake. That’s because they’re easily stolen.

Also, you don’t want to stockpile them on-site, even if they’re locked up. This amounts to nothing more than an invitation for theft. It can be either by employees or outside parties looking to capitalize on stolen data.

Proper Hard Drive Destruction

Now, you know what not to do. Thus, here’s how you should dispose of your hard drives. You can start by scrubbing drives. In doing so, you’re overwriting all the confidential data they contain.

Instead, it’s replaced with junk data (like a series of zeros, for example). This should effectively destroy the data. To be thorough, you should also physically destroy drives. Although, probably not on your own.

Instead, find a reputable document shredding service that offers hard drive destruction. In fact, the right mobile document shredding company will destroy your hard drives.

It’s done on site while you watch. Plus, they use equipment that conforms to applicable privacy law standards. Actually, this is the best way to ensure that your hard drives are properly destroyed.

Thus, the confidential data stored on them doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. Naturally, you want to protect your company from issues like identity theft and data breach. Therefore, proper hard drive destruction is a must.