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What every Orlando business owner should know about the hidden expenses of shredding your own documents

A chalkboard with a triangle drawn on it. Each side of the triangle is labelled with a different word: Time, Cost and Quality. This image represents hidden expenses of shredding your own documents.

Many Orlando businesses shred their most sensitive internal documents using devices from a local office supply retailer. They believe keeping a paper shredder on-site and completing all data destruction jobs themselves is less expensive and just as effective as outsourcing them to an outside company.

But spending money on a commercial-grade, in-house shredder doesn’t stop after the cashier hands you the receipt. Using one requires spending money in many ways you might not expect.

Loss of time

When a company uses an in-house paper shredder, the responsibility usually falls on each employee to destroy his or her own data. That means they’ll be taken away from their daily job responsibilities and must spend time monitoring their shredding, usually one page at a time. This process alone keeps them from duties more integral to the health of the business — never mind the time they may waste trying to fix a shredder that breaks down.

Higher labor costs

When employees spend more time at the office paper shredder, your company still pays them. Over time, the amount of money the business pays for employees to essentially throw stuff away starts to add up. If your business has five employees earning $15 an hour and each of them spends three minutes each day shredding documents, that adds up to $75 being spent each month on shredding duty alone. That’s a waste of tangible financial resources.

Loss of office space

An office only has so much usable square footage, and the business must maximize every part of it for functionality and cost savings. Every piece of office equipment requires giving up a certain amount of floor space. An in-house paper shredder needs at least 2 square feet of floor area, which can add up in office rental fees — often as high as $50 a year. Leaving shredding responsibilities to an outsourced company frees up this space for equipment more essential for your business’s operation.

Higher maintenance costs

In-house shredders aren’t one-item expenses. They need constant maintenance, such as oil or lubricant to keep the blades running. They also necessitate the purchase of bags to properly collect all the shreds for disposal. When they break down, you’ll spend money fixing or replacing them. Using an outside shredding company is far more cost-effective.

Cost-efficient, complete paper shredding in Orlando

ShredQuick takes the trouble of data destruction and paper shredding away from your Orlando business — and is a solution that’s more affordable over the long term. Call us to find out more about what we do and how it can help.

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