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Naturally, you want to protect sensitive information. Thus, it’s important to safely dispose of it when it is no longer needed. In reality, shredding it the go-to choice.

Document shredding guarantees a company’s or individual’s security. Also, it frees up valuable office space. Best of all, paper recycling is environmentally friendly.

Commercial shredding companies often partner with reputable recycling facilities. They do this by baling the used paper. Then, they send it to a mill. Finally, it’s transformed into new products.

These include writing paper, toilet paper, and paper towels, roofing shingles, and paperboard. Additionally, even fancier items like home furnishings and clothing accessories are created.

Often, paper is viewed as an enemy. That’s because it’s everywhere and in great abundance. Consider healthcare facilities, legal offices, schools, and others. They include paper in everyday operations.

Also, think about individual paper use. Every day, there is roughly 5 pounds of trash generated by the average American. About 30% of that is paper. Truthfully, that’s an enormous volume being tossed into landfills. Shredding that paper is a smart alternative. Yet, how does it work?  

Where Does All the Paper Go?

Do you ever wonder what happens to those piles of confetti paper after shredding? First, it’s transported to a recycling facility in huge bales. Then, it is shipped to domestic paper mills.

There’s more to this document destruction process. It involves transforming that post-consumer paper into something new. The paper is washed in a mix of chemicals. Then, it’s heated in a huge vat of chemically-treated water.

This process breaks down the paper into high-quality pulp. Essentially, it becomes a pile of mush. The paper is then squashed against a screen to press out impurities. Leftover ink is washed out. Finally, the paper is fed through rollers to bond and dry.

This, in turn, prepares it for new products. The process only takes a couple of hours. When completed, it gives new life to a pile of shreds.

What About Office Shredders and Home Shredding?

Many businesses use a shredder in their offices. However, the reality is those shredders are ineffective. Plus, portions of the paper wind up in the trash anyway.

This negates the eco-friendly intent. What about higher volume office shredders? In fact, they cannot handle the reams of paper generated in a traditional office environment.

Also, personal Florida document shredding is a great idea. However, recycling facilities rarely accept such small volumes. They prefer larger amounts to compress into heavy bales for recycling.

What about smaller amounts at home or office? For these, consider mobile document shredding. One option is a shredding pick-up service. Another choice is to drop it off at a local center.