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What Happens with My Shredded Documents When I Use a St. Petersburg Shredding Service?

A street sign with multiple brightly colored signs. Each sign has a different words who, what, where, when, why, and how. This image represents what happens after documents have been shred.You’ve boxed up your expired documents, said your final goodbyes, and had them taken away by a professional shredder in St. Petersburg. Parting is such sweet sorrow.

But many customers wonder about their shredded documents’ final destination. What’s the shredding process like and where do the shreds go when it’s done?

The Shredding Process

After the mobile shredder receives your old documents, the container is gently picked up by a hydraulic lift. It then flips the contents into a high-capacity shredder that grinds each page into tiny, indecipherable pieces.

The truck driver monitors the entire process to ensure that every page is destroyed. Once they’ve confirmed that destruction is complete, they will issue a certificate, verifying that your job is done. Then they’ll head back to the shredding plant for the next stage in the documents’ afterlife — recycling.

The Pulping Process

The company gathers large bales of shreds together and compresses them into bales. This makes transporting them much easier.

The bales are delivered to a nearby paper mill. They’re then introduced to a pulper. That’s a gigantic bin that turns the shreds into pulp. The shreds are then cut into even smaller pieces, which are mixed with water. The entire mass is heated, eventually breaking down into tiny fibers. It’s now officially pulp.

The Cleaning and De-Inking Process

The pulp is taken to a screener, which removes lingering paper clips, rubber bands, tape, and staples. Then it’s forced through a filter to remove traces of plastic or glue that may have gotten mixed into the pulp.

The next stage is crucial:  De-inking. The pulp must be totally clean before it can become paper again. It’s put into a chemical bath and charged with high-pressure air bubbles. All of the leftover ink latches onto the air bubbles and floats to the top, where it’s skimmed off the surface. (This part is so cool.) Remaining color particles and leftover residues are removed from the pulp.

We’re almost there. In the last step before being made into paper, the pulp is refined. It’s squeezed and pressed over and over. This adds flexibility to the fiber cells. If the pulp contains leftover dyes, it’s treated with chemicals and bleaching compounds to remove all traces of color.

The Final Process

Now, it’s ready to be turned back into paper. It’s sprayed onto fast-moving screens, which remove moisture and bond the loose fibers together. Finally, the pulp is fed through a series of press rollers to get rid of any remaining water. Then, it goes through hot rollers to dry.

The final result is a giant roll of like-new paper. The millworkers load it onto trucks that deliver the raw paper to manufacturing plants. Everyone congratulates themselves on a job well done.

Safe, Eco-Friendly Paper Shredding in St. Petersburg

Now that you know the life-affirming journey shredded paper goes through, call ShredQuick for free estimates on our St. Petersburg shredding service. We’d love to help you find a shredding plan that works for you.


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