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What Is Data Security? An Overview for St. Petersburg Businesses

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Is your digital information protected from hackers? Whether you’re holding sensitive health information or private financial records, the information you store on your hard drive is likely highly confidential. 

When you’re running a business, you want your clients to feel safe entrusting you with their personal information. The best way to ensure that their information will remain private is by investing in data security. Data security can protect sensitive digital information, keeping your company’s data safe from unauthorized access.

How Does Data Security Work?

Data security refers to the practice of protecting your digital information from any unauthorized use, access, theft, or corruption. That may include the physical protection of hardware and storage devices or the digital security of software applications and programs. Data security also includes organizational procedures and policies.

So how exactly does data security work? Several types of data security operate in different ways to protect your information. Learn more about the main types of data security below:

Data Masking

Data masking works by masking personally identifiable information (also called PII) wherever necessary. That fosters development in compliant environments, allowing teams and organizations to train new employees using real data.


Encryption data security uses an algorithm to transform normal text characters into an unreadable format. It scrambles data so that only users who are authorized can read it. File and database encryption services act as a final line of defense for sensitive data by obscuring the information through encryption and tokenization. Most of these solutions include security key management capabilities as well.

Data Resiliency

Data resiliency refers to a data center’s ability to endure and recover failure, whether you’re experiencing hardware problems, power shortages, or any other disruptive event. The data center’s ability to recover from this depends on its data resiliency.

Data Erasure 

Data erasure uses software to overwrite the data on any storage device. This method is more secure than data wiping, and it confirms that the data is now unrecoverable.

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