You’re a compliant business owner. Thus, you have to take pains to make sure every dollar you spend brings value to your operations. This means comparison shopping to find vendors. Additionally, it’s important to select companies in accordance with organizations such as NAID.

You’re looking for those companies that are highly qualified and reputable. Plus, they need to be capable of offering the best services for the money.

When it comes to document destruction, you might think that one vendor is as good as the next. However, like any industry, there are standards and certifications in place that regulate businesses.

Plus, they help buyers understand exactly what they’re getting. You should hire a Florida document shredding service. They’ll ensure that you’re handing off sensitive documents to a compliant company.

They safeguard customer privacy. Additionally, they guarantee compliance with applicable laws. Therefore, select a document shredding service that is NAID certified. What is NAID? Why does their seal of approval matter to your business?

Here’s what you should know.

What is NAID?

NAID stands for The National Association for Information Destruction. It sets standards for businesses operating in the information destruction industry.

They have an AAA Certification program. It rates participating companies by a rigorous process. This is comprised of both scheduled and unannounced audits.

They check for compliance with applicable privacy laws. This includes federal, state, and local laws for a given region. Additionally, they ensure compliance with regulations outlined under HIPAA and FACTA.

Security specialists developed the standards and certification program. Plus, professionals carry out the audits. These individuals are accredited by ASIS (the American Society for Industrial Security) as Certified Protection Professionals.

A review board tracks reports of non-compliance. Conversely, they require certified companies return to compliance through corrective actions. If not, they’ll face fines and retraction of certification.

Benefits of Choosing a NAID Certified Vendor

It’s beneficial to seek out a mobile document shredding service that carries a NAID AAA Certification. Thus, you know that you’re getting a service that will shred your documents.

Also, they’ll scan hard copies to digital format and destroy hard drives. Then, they securely haul away paper remains. Additionally, you’re getting the oversight. It’s provided by an organization designed to audit member companies in the information destruction industry.

Maybe, you have to meet the high standards set forth by HIPAA or FACTA. Perhaps, you’re merely required to meet federal and state privacy laws. They protect consumer data. In either case, a NAID certified shredding company guarantees standards are met. It will provide you with peace of mind.

Of course, you want to do all you can to protect your company and your customers from data breach and identity theft. Thus, using a NAID certified vendor is a step in the right direction.