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You are a business owner who manages tons of data every day. Therefore, you need a simple way to dispose of outdated or unnecessary information. 

Perhaps, you are considering a quick stop at your local Staples. There, you intend to pick up an office shredder. After all, you think this is an effective way to complete document destruction. 

However, this method is simply not reliable. In addition, using this type of shredder is time-consuming. Also, it keeps employees from focusing on other important aspects of their job duties.

Are you in need of Florida document shredding? If so, hire a professional team. They ensure your document shredding is safe and secure.

There is something important to keep in mind. It is that your business has both a moral and legal obligation. You must protect the private information that your company handles.

In reality, most documents you manage contain confidential data. This requires appropriate disposal. 

By law, companies are required to shred confidential information before it is discarded. Otherwise, they may be subject to fines and other penalties. Hence, do not fail to comply with federal and state privacy laws. 

Consider working with a commercial shredding company. They assist in ensuring your business remains compliant. Choose a scheduled shredding service.

In doing so, your load of shredded documents is picked up on your designated service day. Then, it is hauled away.  Therefore, employees can discard confidential documents in a locked security container.

This receptacle is dropped off by your commercial shredding partner. Businesses can select which size container works best for their office.  

From there, the containers will be regularly serviced. Your documents will be professionally and securely destroyed. 

Using a mobile shredding service helps ensure your business is in compliance. This is especially important in case a data breach occurs. 

Let’s say you have documents that are stacking up in your office. You are searching for a way to securely discard them. Thus, set up scheduled shredding service.

This will help clear your cluttered office space. Additionally, it protects sensitive information against security threats. 

Also, on-going shredding services are cost-effective.  You are only charged for shredding services when the load is picked up. 

Fees will vary. They are based on the number of containers you need and how often you elect to receive service. 

To learn more about scheduled shredding services and receive a quote, contact ShredQuick at 866-934-3300.