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What Kinds of Secure Containers Do You Need for Documents in St. Petersburg?

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Securely storing or shredding your documents is not enough to keep your information safe. You also need secure containers for documents. Secure containers minimize the chances that anyone will have access to shredded documents before they are recycled and ensure that the shredded paper is transported safely to the recycling center.

There are several types of secure containers you need for documents in St. Petersburg. 

Office Secure Disposal Container

These containers are generally the size of typical garbage or recycling cans and come in many colors, so they’ll blend into any office. The secure office container can easily be added to an existing trash room or placed in the corner of an office. These can work permanently as a place for employees to dispose of shredded documents. People generally store these containers in a shared or common area.

Large Wheeled Carts

Large wheeled containers are necessary for office moves or major shredding and recycling efforts. These are large, high-capacity carts that transport large volumes of shredded documents. You can use these for an annual paper purge or when transitioning to digital systems. People typically rent (not buy) these carts, so they are not meant to be a permanent fixture. 

Desk-Side Shredding Containers

Desk-side shredding containers can be an excellent replacement for regular recycling bins. Desk-side bins are a great container option for in-home use. They encourage the person sitting at the desk to shred documents before recycling them. 

These small containers easily fit under most desks and are relatively quiet so as not to disrupt the entire office. You do have to empty these containers more than other, larger options, so a single person best uses them.

Extra Large Purge Cart

If you or your company is transitioning from paper to digital and needs to dispose of thousands or hundreds of thousands of documents, you’ll need an extra large purge cart. This is typically the largest cart companies offer, intended for one-time use. This cart may not fit in some office spaces and may need to get stored in a lobby or larger common space.

There are secure containers for any of your document needs. To maintain a secure office, you should have both individual containers and shared containers in your workspace. For infrequent shredding jobs, make sure to accurately scope your project before selecting a container, and rest assured we will dispose of your documents securely.

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