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What Small Companies in Bradenton Should Remember About Data Removal

Two laptops sitting on a desk with a bunch of paper and notepads. This image represents data removal for small businesses.
Businesses can go through a lot of computer equipment in a regularly short period of time. They need to keep up with other companies to stay competitive, which means having the best and latest resources available. But what to do with computers afterward can pose a problem because there’s still the matter of data removal.

Deleted Data Stays with Your Hard Drives

Chances are that every hard drive in use at your company has some form of sensitive information. It could be trade secrets, client and employee financial information, or even just your office’s wifi password. In any case, you don’t want this information falling into the hands of a third party. Even innocuous information could be the key they need to implement a phishing or hacking scheme against your company.

The most important thing to remember is that deleting files on your computer does not necessarily delete them. In fact, they’re incredibly easy to recover if they haven’t been overwritten. And if they have been overwritten, someone who knows what they’re doing might be able to restore them anyway.

Data Wiping Programs Are a Half Measure

Many organizations provide professional data wiping programs that offer more protection than deleting files or even reformatting your hard drive. While more effective, they still leave a potential risk of recovery.

Many companies implement data wiping programs to resell their hard drives, but this is opening them up to excessive risk. You might not realize just how important your confidential files can be, and data destruction is no time to compromise.

There’s Only One Way to Be Sure

The only way to know that your data is gone is through professional hard drive destruction. A good data destruction company can come to your office and handle it right there in front of you, along with providing a certificate of destruction.

Thorough hard drive destruction entails several steps. A specialized machine degausses the hard drive, removing the encoded data. Afterward, the hard drive is physically destroyed, shredded into tiny pieces to ensure zero data recovery.

ShredQuick Professional Shredding Services in Bradenton

ShredQuick can provide your company with all the data destruction services it needs. We securely destroy hard drives at your site, providing all the documentation you’ll need, as well. Our team offers paper shredding, as well, both through bulk shredding and routine pickups. Reach out today to schedule your shredding services.

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