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Of course, it’s important for businesses to keep physical copies of certain documents.  This includes tax records, signed contracts, and so on. 

Perhaps, you’re trying to go paperless for eco-friendly and cost-saving purposes.  In that case, rid yourself of a lot of documentation.

Also, digitize old records prior to document destruction.  Yet, expect to keep at least a number of hard copies for legal purposes. 

Unfortunately, this opens you up to certain risks when preserving these physical copies of information.  Fire, pests, and water damage are potential risk factors with paper documents. 

Maybe, a pipe bursts.  Perhaps, a seasonal storm floods your storage area.  In either case, expect a soggy mess of old records.  What can you do if your documents are damaged by water? 

Salvage What You Can

Rectifying any type of water damage begins with cleanup.  However, you can’t just throw everything away.  For one thing, those physical records were kept for a reason. 

Thus, try to salvage any of the documents that have been doused.  In fact, certain inks may withstand a soaking.  Therefore, it’s possible to save them. 

In addition, however, ensure management of any data destruction properly.  It’s critical to comply with applicable privacy laws.  This is regardless of the condition of documents.

Truthfully, any trace of sensitive data must be eradicated.  Let’s say the text has only been partially damaged. 

In that case, you’re obligated to destroy the rest in a suitable manner.  The best way to do this is through document shredding. 

Dry Documents that Need to be Shredded

How can you shred wet documents?  In reality, you can’t.  Thus, they must be dried first.  Actually, this is likely a tedious job. 

Eventually, documents that need to be saved are assessed.  If salvageable, shred them.  Before shredding, lay them out individually in a low-humidity area.

In doing so, they’ll dry before you can re-file them.  Alternately, hand them over to your mobile document shredding service.  Documents must dry fully to avoid issues like mold down the line. 

Make Digital Copies if Possible

Maybe, the damage of certain documents is not too bad.  Hence, now is a great time to make digital copies.  Ideally, this process should be standard for all documents.

Mandate it before any type of damage occurs.  However, once the damage is done, call your trusted Florida document shredding company.  They digitize remaining data before hard copies are destroyed.