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Keeping up with modern security protocol can be exhausting. Thus, there have been many recent studies.

In fact, they’ve concluded that almost half of all computer users experience security fatigue. Perhaps, you think this might be the case for some of your employees.

If so, read on. Here is what to do if they have security fatigue.

Security Fatigue Defined

Security fatigue occurs when users become complacent with security maintenance. This, in turn, causes their following basic protocol to stop.

Actually, many employees are sidestepping security barriers. Therefore, they are engaging in risky behavior. This could result in mistakes and data breaches.

However, this can be prevented. Implement several security-related rules. Then, require employees adhere to them whenever they are responsible for handling sensitive data.


Often, employees with security fatigue become careless. Thus, they’re less likely to verify an email’s source before clicking on an attachment.

Consider that all but 10% of cyber attacks start with a phishing email. Hence, it’s easy to see how this is a recipe for disaster. While unsettling, occurrences can be minimized.

Provide regular training that keeps employees current on information security. Also, ensure their general understanding of security procedures.

This, in turn, will prevent them from falling for phishing emails.


Surprisingly, studies indicate that about 80% of employees use the same password for multiple accounts. Obviously, reusing old passwords poses a significant security risk.

It’s the kind no amount of document shredding can fix. Fortunately, this can be solved by installing a password manager on all of your computers.

Also, require employees to use it for all company-related logins. Additionally, you can also regulate how often they need to update their passwords.

Too Many Decisions

As mentioned earlier, security fatigue promotes risky behavior. Thus, employees get worn out encountering one security barrier after the next.

Then, they start looking for ways to cut corners. For example, some employees with security fatigue have used public Wi-Fi networks to transfer sensitive data.

This too is easily solved with a little structural change. Therefore, limit the number of security decisions a user encounters in a single day.

In doing so, it helps minimize security fatigue.

Promote Security in Your Daily Workflow

Consider structuring your office workflow around inherently secure protocol. This ensures that employees will have security ingrained into daily practices.

For example, you could partner with a mobile document shredding service. They provide expedient on-site document destruction.

As a matter of fact, this includes both physical and digital assets. This way, your employees will get in the habit of disposing any confidential information safely.

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