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What to Do with Sensitive Documents When Working from Home in Naples

A young adult sitting on their living room floor with a laptop. This image represents working from home.

As businesses in Naples expand toward remote working, the necessity to secure secret documents has become increasingly crucial. It’s difficult to protect private information from home or other locations outside of the office to ensure that only the proper individuals have access and prevent data leaks.

Failure to appropriately protect sensitive documents might result in concerns like intellectual property leaks, compliance issues, or reputation hazards. Here’s what you can do with sensitive documents when working from home. 

Switch to Digital

Working from home and managing and organizing sensitive business papers can be difficult, especially if you don’t have a designated workplace or proper storage equipment.

If you use only paper documents, you’re at risk of accidents destroying or compromising your documents, such as:

  • Stains, spills, and damage from your children or pets
  • Misplacing or losing files and paperwork 
  • Confidential papers getting accidentally thrown away or recycled by family members

It’s in your best interest to ensure everything related to your work or containing sensitive information (such as your Social Security number or banking information) is kept securely in digital files. Otherwise, you may risk losing or ruining your important records or files.

Use a Rights Management Software 

You can reduce the danger of content leaks that might hurt your business by employing a rights management platform. Rights management solutions often provide access, printing, and download control. Watermarking and screenshot protection may be available with more powerful tools.

Track Activity of Sensitive Documents

Monitoring the movements of your sensitive files might provide you with useful information about how they are used. You can trace operations and do analytics on who has accessed each file. Any questionable behavior on your private papers, such as unlawful access or dissemination, will be visible.

If Employment Ends 

If a remote job ends, make sure you have procedures in place to make it easy for them to return corporate information and devices, such as pre-paid shipping labels and boxes. This will help the business to maintain track of devices, files, and passwords.

Let Us Do the Work for You

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