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What to Expect from On-Site Shredding Services in Orlando

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As a business owner, you are entrusted with valuable client personal information, financials, and other confidential documents that must be protected. The best way to protect this information is to shred them when no longer needed.

However, shredding documents with small, in-office equipment can be time-consuming. For this reason, many Orlando-based companies are making the switch to on-site shredding services. This affordable alternative allows your employees to maximize productivity while also protecting confidential information.

On-Site Shredding Options

When it comes to on-site shredding services, there are two primary options available. Choosing the right package will depend on the unique demands of your organization.

Route Shredding

Route shredding is one of the most popular on-site shredding options. When you choose this service package, ShredQuick will provide you with several secure document containers. These containers are strategically placed throughout your facility so that employees can dispose of confidential documents.

ShredQuick will respond to your facility in regular intervals to shred the documents in these containers. All of the files will be shredded on-site in our shredder truck. You can schedule route shredding in weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly intervals, depending on the amount of waste documents that you produce.

Bulk Shredding

Bulk shredding is a one-time service that is useful when you are purging old files. When you need to get rid of documents that are past their retention dates or empty out an old file room, this is the best option. As with the route shredding service, all of your documents are disposed of on-site with one of our shredder trucks.

Benefits of On-Site Shredding Services

As noted above, tasking your employees with shredding their own documents is a poor allocation of resources. Small in-office shredders can only handle a few documents at a time, forcing your employees to delay other tasks and hamper productivity.

By using on-site shredding services, you can streamline the document disposal process and allow your employees to stay on task. On-site shredding is also incredibly affordable. You will not need to invest in office shredders that frequently break down and create unnecessary noise pollution in your workspace.

Orlando On-Site Shredding Near Me

If you need fast and convenient on-site shredding services, look no further than ShredQuick. We can provide both bulk and route shredding services for your Orland-based business. Contact us today and let us help you protect your confidential information.

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