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Do you work in a dentist’s office, doctor’s office, or another medical environment? If so, you probably spend a lot of time handling x-rays.

There’s something you might not be doing. It’s thinking about the best way to dispose of x-rays that are no longer needed.

X-rays are made of a sensitive material. It’s not easy to break down. Therefore, getting rid of old x-rays can be challenging for medical professionals.

However, disposing of old x-rays can be simple. That is, if you do it with the right Florida document shredding service.

Go ahead. Call a document destruction service. In doing so, you can shred x-rays.

Plus, you’ll responsibly recycle them. You won’t have to worry about violating codes of health and safety.

X-ray Waste is Toxic

Most of us have noticed that x-rays require extra protection. It’s in the form of a heavy apron.

This is due to the x-ray process. It records an image onto a sheet of film. This comes with risks.

There is a possibility of radiation. Thus, doctors need to handle x-rays with extreme care.

Let’s say it’s time to get rid of old x-rays. Hence, it’s even more important to safely dispose of the materials. It prevents physical harm to others.

Document shredding is the popular choice among medical professionals. They must dispose of x-ray waste. After all, they don’t want to cause harm to their patients or staff.

X-rays Contain Privileged Information

Understand HIPAA, or the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. It dictates an obligation of medical professionals.

They aren’t allowed to release privileged patient information without their consent. This might seem easy enough to do.

However, the definition under HIPAA of sensitive information extends to many different types of data. This includes x-rays.

Perhaps, a medical professional recycles an x-ray without shredding and it. Then, it falls into the wrong hands. This counts as a HIPAA violation.

Let’s say old x-rays aren’t taken to a Mobile document shredding company. In that case, a hospital or practice jeopardizes their legal standing.

No medical practice should run this risk. In fact, the act of taking old x-rays to be shredded is simple. Plus, it’s fast. Also, it is an industry standard.

Before Recycling, X-ray Waste Must Be Shredded

Since x-rays contain silver, they can be recycled. During this process, silver is extracted from the film and recycled for other uses.

However, before recycling old x-rays, they must be shredded and rendered unreadable. It’s imperative to complete this step.

Otherwise, medical professionals could be putting themselves and their patients in danger. Also, shredding makes the recycling process easier.

In fact, it’s the most cost-effective way to destroy x-rays.