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Running a business is stressful enough. Then, add fear of security breaches or identity theft putting your company at risk. Unfortunately, in this day and age, they are real issues.

In fact, a skilled hacker can easily get their hands on confidential information. Therefore, information security is a priority for business owners, regardless of the industry.

It is no longer acceptable to simply run a piece of paper through a shredder. Also, it’s no longer okay to ignore. Of course, you don’t want your confidential information ending up in the wrong hands.

Thus, every business must be diligent in its efforts to properly and legally dispose of confidential information. In doing so, it ensures its employees, clients, customers, and vendors are safe from identity fraud.

Here are a few tips. They’ll make sure you’re engaging in proper document destruction. Hence, you are not putting your business at risk:

Document Shredding Should Occur On a Regular Basis

What if information like research, proposals, price lists, email lists, customer and vendor information, medical records, and employee applications are stolen?

Actually, it can cause a lot of trouble for your company. Engage in proper document destruction. Otherwise, your business (as well as your employees, customers, and vendors) is exposed and susceptible to fraud.

Sensitive Documents Should Be Destroyed As Soon As They Are Legally Allowed

Usually, businesses keep certain documents for a set number of years. Consider medical practices, for example.

In reality, they are required to keep patient files for a set amount of time. Once that retention period is over with, they must destroy the documents immediately.

Do Not Neglect the Destruction of Ordinary Business Records

Consider everything from memos, drafts, misprints, and other business information. This all can be used against you if an identity thief gets their hands on said information.

Do Not Recycle Confidential Information

Workers at recycling companies are usually hired without being screened. Often, they sift through large amounts of paper without being monitored.

Thus, confidential information should never be recycled. That’s true, even after being run through an in-house paper shredder.

Hire a Reliable Mobile Document Shredding Company

Do not shred in-house. Instead, hire a certified document shredding company. They will come to your place of business. Then, they’ll shred your documents on-site. They do it in regularly scheduled intervals.

Consider certified companies like Florida document shredding company ShredQuick. They are professionally equipped and trained in how to handle sensitive information.

Additionally, they provide you with a certified document of destruction. This proves that you have destroyed information. You’ve done it in the safest and most legally-acceptable way.