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Where Does My Shredded Orlando Recycling Go?

Multiple large question marks cut out of construction paper over top of an empty notebook. Two hands holding a pen are also present. This image represents shredding recycling.Recycling all types of paper is more important than ever in Orlando. Orlando is one of the largest cities in America and processes tons of pounds of waste and recycling each year. Just one ton of paper will save 17 trees. If you are already recycling your shredded paper, you may be wondering where the recycling goes.

Well, mostly, it goes to a recycling plant to transform the paper into other paper products, like coffee sleeves, cups, and envelopes. The exact recycling plant it ends up at depends on demand, time of year, capacity, and several other factors. 

There are multiple recycling plants in the Orlando area, although recycling from Orlando may end up at other Florida plants. Never put intact paper into your recycling bin. Instead, get your paper shredded through a company like ShredQuick, and we’ll handle the recycling step safely.

The Recycling Plant Process

Once your paper arrives at the recycling facility, the first step is sorting. The paper gets separated by type and grade, then sent into a machine that compresses the paper for transportation to paper mills.

The compressed paper goes inside a pulper at the paper mill, where it gets chopped into small pieces and mixed with water. The water mixture is then heated to break down the paper into fibers. Next, the fibers undergo screening to remove non-paper items that may have made their way through, such as staples and tape. The pulp is then cleaned to remove any remaining unwanted particles.

Next, mills have to de-ink the paper. This process removes printing ink and other materials such as glue and adhesive residue. The pulp is then refined, repeatedly compressed, and sometimes altered into chemicals like bleach or hydrogen peroxide, depending on what the new paper will ultimately be used for. Finally, the pulp is made into new paper. 

The refined paper product is dried then squeezed with press rollers to get out any excess moisture. Then the paper is wound onto rolls and shipped to manufacturing plants, where it will be used to make new paper products. 

The end product is industrial-sized paper rolls that could weigh several tons. Some of the largest paper mills handle hundreds of thousands of pounds of paper a year. Some paper mills also produce custom recycled paper used for specific purposes.

ShredQuick Shred and Recycles 

Rest assured that when you shred paper in Orlando with ShredQuick, we get it to our plant, bale it, and ship it to a paper mill for recycling. We will give you a Certificate of Destruction (CoD) for every shred! Give us a call to learn more about how to destroy your sensitive documents in a way that’s safe for the environment!

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