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Over half of workplace thefts occur when an employee’s desk is left unattended.  That’s why it is crucial for businesses to implement a clean desk policy.

A clean desk policy helps protect against theft. Additionally, it assists in other security breaches. These occur within a company. Thus, there is a basic structure of the policy.

This involves all documents containing sensitive information. It requires these documents are secured in file cabinets. This is the case anytime employees are not at their desks.  

Actually, this includes receipts, resumes, and any other files with personal data. This can be from customers, employees and other company stakeholders. 

Most businesses manage sensitive data. Thus, they must ensure appropriate measures are taken. In doing so, they will prevent identity theft and fraud.

In reality, companies will be held liable for mishandling private data. In fact, it reflects poorly on their reputation. This is especially true if they are found at fault for a data breach. 

There is another important aspect of upholding a clean desk policy. It’s document destruction. This includes the proper disposal of paper documents and files.

These are housed on hard drives and various forms of e-media. Hence, companies should utilize locked containers. In doing so, discarded documents are secure. 

Why select using document shredding professionals? They offer businesses ongoing support for document shredding. Also included are mobile document shredding services.

First, a secure container will be dropped at your facility. Then, it’s emptied on your scheduled service days. 

Perhaps, you need these types of services less frequently. In that case, mobile document shredding is a good option. That’s because it lets you dispose of documents at your convenience.

Shredding trucks come straight to your office. They will professionally remove your documents. In doing so, they ensure proper document destruction. 

Here are a few reasons to start enforcing a clean desk policy within your organization: 

Protect Against Data Theft

Implement a clean desk policy. In doing so, it keeps sensitive information secure and shielded from those who shouldn’t be privy to it.

Ensure Company Compliance

There are laws in place requiring a company to protect its stakeholders’ personal data. Secure private documents. In doing so, you’ll prevent sensitive information from ending up in the wrong hands.

Increase Productivity

A clean desk policy instills confidence in your customers and other stakeholders. This proves you run an effective organization. Also, it’s a direct reflection of your company’s professionalism and reputation.

Improve Workplace Culture

Encourage your employees to maintain a clear workspace. By doing so, it will improve their productivity. Plus, it helps them remain motivated throughout the workday. 

A clean desk policy offers many benefits beyond data security. Let our experts guide you through the process of Florida document shredding.

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