An office filled with clutter isn’t good on any level. It can greatly decrease efficiency as workers have to sift through mountains of mess to find needed documents. However, it doesn’t present a very professional appearance.

This could deter clients and demoralize workers. Even worse, is a failure to tidy up and reduce clutter by handing over unneeded hard copies to your trusty Florida document shredding service.

This can constitute a major security risk for your business. How can the mess in your office compromise security? Here’s what you need to know.

Visible Passwords

Do you have a policy in place relating to passwords? Does it include writing passwords on sticky notes and attaching them to a monitor where any passerby can jot them down? It probably does not.

You do understand that forcing employees to create complex and non-personal passwords and then update them regularly can make it difficult to remember login information.

However, passwords are used specifically for security purposes and must be kept private. What can you do? Instruct employees to stick Post-It notes with passwords inside a locking drawer.

Have them throw the old ones in a secure bin for document destruction whenever they are changed. Then stress that they cannot leave the key to the locked drawer lying around in the clutter for anyone to nab.

Unsecured Data

When there are piles of paperwork covering desks, it’s all too easy for workers to accidentally leave confidential data out in the open. Then, anyone can find it.

Instead, you should properly file it or toss it in a locked bin provided by your mobile document shredding company. You can’t afford this oversight.

That is because it compartmentalizes data. Plus, it keeps it secure. This is for the benefit of your company and clients. Additionally, it’s to comply with applicable privacy laws.

All the clutter could lead to significant delays when it comes to discovering data theft. Let’s say there is a lot of mess in a cubicle or office. Thus, it might be a long while before an employee realizes important documents have gone missing.


You might not think the information on a calendar is particularly sensitive. Yet, it contains data about partner and client meetings. That is in addition to company timetables, just for example.

By letting any Tom, Dick, or entry-level assistant have access could pose a security risk. Keep the office clean and free of clutter.

Ensure confidential paperwork is safely stored in locked drawers, filing cabinets, or document shredding bins. In doing so, you can greatly reduce security risks.