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Why a year-end document purge is a good idea for your Naples business

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The end of the calendar year (or the fiscal year) is a great house-cleaning opportunity for many businesses in Naples. As office managers think about straightening the office and preparing for a new business cycle, one task may not get quite as much attention: getting rid of outdated irrelevant documentation.

It’s a job nobody likes to think about. They may not even think it’s necessary or may consider old data in outside storage as being out of sight and out of mind. But there are a few compelling reasons why purging documents at the end of the year can improve your business’s security, functionality, and operations.

Protects privacy

Old and outdated documentation houses a treasure trove of personal and confidential information. Even if it’s no longer accurate, identity thieves or other malevolent people can still use this information to commit crimes or fraud. Especially if it contains home addresses, contact information, account numbers, medical histories, or other unique and sensitive data, old documents need to be purged at regular intervals to protect the privacy of you and your customers. The year’s end is a logical and sensible time to do so.

Saves storage expenses

Documentation accumulates in a sneaky, sometimes unnoticeable way, and that means it takes up more space, especially in a small office. It can amass so much that it becomes necessary to rent additional space or a public storage unit. If the information on these stored documents is so unimportant that you don’t need quick access, it’s worth considering whether you need to retain it at all. Purging these documents can save you the expense of additional storage.

Improves company security

The more information you retain, the more difficult it is to control it. And that makes it harder to keep your company safe from outside threats. If you keep a large amount of past data on hand, you’re giving outsiders more opportunity to breach your security and use it for dishonest purposes. Simply having fewer bits of data around gives would-be criminals less to exploit — they can’t take what you don’t have.

Streamlines business operations and decisions

Information is necessary for every business to make decisions and put plans into effect. But there can be too much of it. If you have a lot of excess documentation from decades past that deals with subjects or issues that are no longer relevant, it creates more clutter both physically and mentally. Keeping only relevant and impactful data on hand, and losing the rest of it, makes your business more agile.



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Sep 29, 2020

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