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Of course, you know how important ensuring sensitive information is safeguarded in the workplace. In fact, it’s vital that document destruction is done properly.

Thus, put your Florida document shredding in the hands of a professional shredding service. That’s because office shredders are a vulnerability for a number of reasons.


Office shredders typically turn paperwork into long strips. Therefore, a diligent criminal will treat the shredded material like a puzzle. They reassemble the documents bit by bit. Then, they use it for malicious purposes.

Truthfully, criminals understand what is gained by acquiring this data. They will stop at nothing to do so. Professional shredders make sure the documents are obliterated.

This, in turn, offers you peace of mind. Also, office shredders are generally capable of shredding only paperwork. Consequently, you’ll be unable to destroy materials such as hard drives.

However, you need to ensure the destruction of information in all formats. By doing so, it reduces the chances of a data breach occurring.


A professional shredding service provides a certificate of destruction. Hence, you’ll have a record of the services performed. This helps protect you against possible legal penalties if a data breach occurs. Now, you’ll have evidence that you kept within applicable laws.


Of course, office shredders come with another potential problem. Sometimes, they are not adequately used. Truthfully, employees might choose to forgo shredding if they are busy with other tasks.

Additionally, consider the tedious nature of feeding paperwork into these shredders. It can sit around for a while before being destroyed.

Thus, documents containing sensitive information can build up in an office. Perhaps, they are left in an area of the workplace that is not secure. This is a way that data can easily fall into the wrong hands.

Plus, office shredders require maintenance. Really, they can break down when you least expect it. Let’s say a machine needs repair at an inconvenient time.

It is at a time when a large amount of paperwork needs to be destroyed. In fact, it can delay the process. Also, it leaves data exposed in the workplace.

Do not take a chance with an office shredder. Really, safeguarding sensitive data is too important. Professional shredding services can get the job done correctly.

Similarly, you can choose to have mobile document shredding performed. In doing so, the process is even more convenient.

Aug 29, 2019

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