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Often, shredding documents is used to get rid of sensitive information and avoid identity theft. However, you may be surprised to know something.

It’s that shredding paper can significantly reduce its value in the recycling market. Dealing with shredded paper can be a bit of a nightmare.

That’s especially true regarding the topic of recycling. It’s not completely impossible to recycle shredded paper. Yet, shreds are very tiny.

Therefore, the paper can easily fall through the blades of the paper separator. This happens when being processed at the recycling facility.

In fact, most recycling centers won’t accept small strips or tiny pieces of paper at all. In reality, during the course of shredding paper, the fibers become shorter.

Essentially, this ruins any chance that the paper can be used again. Actually, the paper fibers are very small. Hence, they are usually of no value to a recycler.

Also, it’s easy for the shredded paper to slip through the paper-making screens. Thus, it ends up contaminating the entire recycling process. 

Are you looking to recycle your shredded paper? If so, first pack it up in a large container such as a paper or plastic bag. Then, secure the contents with a few staples.

Maybe, you want another eco-friendly option. In that case, add the shredded paper to a compost pile. Composting your shredded paper is a preferred method.

That’s because it’s likely that shredded paper in the recycling bin ends up in a landfill. Perhaps, you plan to work directly with a commercial shredding company.

In that case, it is good practice to request certification. Ask for a certificate of destruction after the recycling job is complete.

In doing so, it helps protect your business against liability from mishandling employee or customer data. 

Truthfully, there is a great way to manage shredded paper. It’s to minimize how much shredding you’re doing in the first place. There are several options available to you for document destruction.

Consider services provided by companies like ShredQuick, for example. They offer document shredding. In doing so, they safely and securely remove sensitive information from your facility. 

Consider our mobile document shredding services. Essentially, we bring our state-of-the-art shredding trucks to your facility.

This is done at your convenience. Then, our professionals will haul away your load. Finally, we ensure that it is efficiently processed. 

We offer Florida document shredding for businesses throughout the state. In addition to document shredding, we offer additional services.

They include hard drive destruction, computer recycling, document scanning, and computer recycling. Give us a call at 866-934-3300 to get a free quote.