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Why DIY Shredding Isn’t Necessarily Less Expensive

Recently, the federal government
instituted data destruction laws. Really, they ensure the protection of
sensitive information. This applies to both companies and individuals. Hooray,
we all said. In fact, most businesses adopted applicable shredding practices.

However, a decision also had to be made. Perhaps, we shred documents in-house. Maybe, we partner with a professional service. Often, the final choice depends on the cost. Consequently, many companies choose the least expensive option.

Yet, what does cheap mean? Typically,
it was picking up a small shredder at the office supply store. Then, storing it
in a corner with an employee or two. There, they would sit with boxes of
documents. Additionally, employees from other offices fill the shredder. Finally,
when the bucket is filled up, the confetti is discarded.

Of course, this sounds easy on the
surface. However, DIY shredding at your Florida company leaves you vulnerable for
a data breach. Also, it takes valuable time away from the workday.

Quickly, time loss adds up. Hence, consider
8-10 employees spending a few minutes every day shredding documents. Truthfully,
that’s more than 6 hours a month dedicated to shredding paper. Instead, they
should be working on their designated tasks.

Of course, we have to consider the time.
Additionally, here are some reasons why DIY shredding isn’t the cheapest

Space Eater

Certainly, a shredder staged
anywhere in an office takes up space. Really, it costs nearly $2 per square
foot in a typical Florida office. Thus, consider the average size of your
everyday paper shredder. In fact, it costs about $43 a year. That is a lot
since it is a piece of equipment with a five-year lifespan.

Hidden Labor Costs

Perhaps, sending Jim, with a box of
documents, to the shredder does not seem like a big deal. In reality, he can
just handle the task during his normal workday. However, the time it takes to do
so adds up over the year.

Maintenance Cost

Indeed, the shredder you bought will eventually break down. Now what? Maybe, you toss it and get a new one. Yet, this is not an eco-friendly choice. Perhaps, you try to maintain it. However, the cost of parts adds up quickly. Also, someone still needs to spend time doing the work.

Go with
A Pro

Actually, the big picture choice is
easy. In fact, long-term costs of DIY shredding are expensive. Plus, they come
with data breach risks. Therefore, partner with a pro. In doing so, you’ll gain
peace of mind. Also, you’ll receive expert and secure shredding services.

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