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Why document destruction in Tampa is important for protecting your identity

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Businesses in Tampa, like those in the rest of the world, have done away with a large share of their paper documentation. Technology has made the entry and storage of personal data more centralized and convenient, and theoretically easier to keep safe from outside eyes.

Even with the advance of digital information, though, Tampa companies are still susceptible to others using their information for identity theft. Furthermore, despite reliance on encryption and other security measures, even confidential data stored digitally can still be mined for details criminals use for ill-gotten gains.



Paper’s not dead

Your Tampa business may have converted much of its most consequential files to digital media, but that doesn’t mean you’re completely free of paper.

Several important aspects of business operations—even in technology companies—still deal with a wealth of paper items. Businesses are often still required by law to keep hard copies of legal documents and contracts on hand. The delivery of mail by hand is still a daily routine for almost all companies. Retailers still deal with product shipments often accompanied by paper invoices or physical bills of lading. Financial institutions still generate monthly statements, and many businesses still keep paper copies in their file cabinets.

The bottom line is that modern society still hasn’t made a 100% switch to digital media, and paper trails still exist. Throwing old documents in trash cans or recycling containers keeps them available to thieves who are intent on getting them. Even in-house shredding can leave private data exposed to someone willing to spend time taping shreds back together.


Tech isn’t risk-free

Companies that rely on digital storage still experience major data breaches from time to time. Even those companies that one might consider tech-savvy—eBay, LinkedIn, and Experian, just to name a few—have suffered criminal acts that have exposed the personal information of millions of customers.

Thankfully it’s easier to impose stronger security measures on companies’ digital media, which helps to mitigate a lot of the threat. But that doesn’t account for an oft-forgotten source of confidential information data thieves use: discarded technology.

Laptops, cell phones, thumb drives, even old CD-ROMs are still hiding in the furthest reaches of many Tampa companies. Not all the information on these devices is inaccurate, either. It’s still possible for enterprising identity thieves to use these old pieces of technology to get what they want. This is especially true if, as so many companies do, these discarded items are just thrown in a dumpster or sent to recycling centers. Neither of those solutions is enough to keep data from being taken from those devices.


Shredding and data destruction: The most viable solutions

The best professional shredding service—like ShredQuick—do a lot more than taking the paper off your Tampa companies’ hands. Their complete shredding service is guaranteed to render all the data papers hold inaccessible, no matter how much you have. ShredQuick also destroys outdated and replaced tech equipment so nobody can ever get a hold of their most confidential content.

To keep your Tampa company free of the risk, inconvenience, and liability of identity theft, ShredQuick’s total data destruction, and shredding service is the best weapon you can have. Contact us to learn how we can help.

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