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Why Document Shredding Is Important for Educational Institutions

These days, there is a tremendous
amount of information passing through educational institutions for students of
all ages. This includes personal data, financial records, email, text messages,
social media exchanges, etc.

Also, do not forget all the
employees. That includes thousands at large college campuses. Additionally, it
applies to a staff of three in a small-town schoolhouse. Hence, securing that
information is imperative.

After all, the privacy of
individuals is required by law. Plus, keep in mind the data security for
Florida schools and throughout the country. It applies to an active life of
records, and end of use. Indeed, records management is a complicated and
full-time process.

Nowadays, the majority of
educational records are stored digitally. Also, many of them are generated and
stored, at least temporarily, in hard copy format. Consider all paper documents.
It does not matter where they are stored. They are vulnerable to identity
thieves. Really, this threat is a serious matter for schools.

What FERPA And Document Shredding Mean to You

The 1974 Family Educational Rights
and Privacy Act (FERPA) was implemented. It regulates the access to schools’
educational information. Also, this includes related student and employee

In fact, there are rigorous
guidelines regarding the destruction of that information. One of the main
players in the destruction phase is document shredding. Therefore, FERPA is clear
that institutions maintain adequate knowledge and equipment. It ensures this
step is fully completed.  

Paper Piles

Previously, most educational records
in Florida and beyond were stored in paper form. Thus, stacks of records were left
in storage rooms or overstuffed cabinets. Actually, some of that data was used.
Yet, much of it sat there throughout its required waiting period.

When that time was up, all of the
paperwork had to be destroyed. Consider the large amounts of documents. They
demand the help of a professional document shredding service for many reasons.

Identity Theft Is Real

Today, identity theft is rampant.
Truthfully, it affects millions of people all over the world, every year.
School records are full of tantalizing information to thieves. This includes
addresses, social security numbers, bank data, and more. Shredding all of that
information and recycling it eliminates the risk.

The Eco-Friendly Choice

Of course, document shredding and subsequent recycling directly impacts our environment. In fact, shredded and recycled documents can be made into new paper products. Thus, the process goes easy on our forests.

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