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Why E-Waste Management Is So Important for Businesses

These days, millions of tons of electronic garbage (collectively known as e-waste) are discarded. Every day, they wind up in landfills, recycling centers, or other end-of-life locations.

In fact, e-waste (computers, appliances, smartphones, tablets, wearable tech, and other gadgets) is one of the most prominent and troubling sources of trash.

A pile of broken and discarded technology such as keyboards, wires, and circuit boards piled up ready for destruction

Of course, the demand doesn’t help matters. After all, we all want the latest and greatest technology. This, in turn, has influenced a corresponding decrease in product quality.

In truth, it dramatically shortens the lifespan of those products. All told, e-waste is a crisis posing a concerning challenge to our fragile environment. Also, it’s a public health predicament.

Certainly, businesses are critical drivers of the economy. Thus, companies in Florida and across the country are in an important position. They must lead by example.

In doing so, they’ll make a difference by establishing a sound e-waste management plan. Actually, there are environmental and health advantages. Therefore, a responsible plan is important to businesses in many ways:

Why E-Waste Management Is Important

There are many reasons a business should invest time into establishing an e-waste management policy and procedure. Some of these include:

E-Waste Is A Health Hazard

Unsurprisingly, most electronic equipment contains an array of toxic substances. They include lead, cadmium, and mercury. Accordingly, they can’t be left unchecked in a landfill.

Otherwise, these poisons seep into and contaminate soil and underground water sources. This directly impacts the health and well-being of surrounding communities.

Sensitive Data Is at Risk

Perhaps, it’s carelessly disposed. If so, e-waste presents an imminent threat to data securely stored on computer hard drives, cell phones, tablets, etc. Then, private information is susceptible to theft or misuse.

Environmentally Unfriendly

Create a robust e-waste management plan for your Florida company. After all, it has a direct impact on reducing pollution and saving dwindling landfill space. Plus, it helps conserve our natural resources. Also, it contributes to jobs in the recycling field.

Toxic Gases on The Loose

Nowadays, most people realize their computer or cell phone is laced with hazardous chemicals. Yet, they are unfamiliar with the source of that material.

Hence, metals such as cadmium must be mined prior to its manufacturing step. However, mining unleashes toxic gas into the air.

Additionally, discarded metals generate tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. In fact, e-waste management reduces hazardous emissions by half. Also, it protects people from its harmful effects.

E-Waste Management Plan Options For Businesses

If your company doesn’t already have an e-waste management plan in place, encourage your Florida business to establish one. By doing so, you’ll ensure your business is doing its part in being environmentally responsible. In addition, a proper management plan for e-waste will ensure that sensitive information isn’t stolen.

ShredQuick helps businesses manage e-waste through our computer recycling services and hard drive and media destruction services. To learn more about our certified destruction process for these services, visit our computer recycling service page and our hard drive destruction service page

We offer our services in two options to accommodate individual business needs: one-time shredding service and scheduled shredding service.

One-Time Shredding Service

Often, businesses will do a yearly cleanout of items that are no longer needed. For this type of process, ShredQuick offers a bulk, one-time destruction of computers, hard drives, and other media. 

We’ll come onsite to your location with our shred truck. Then, we’ll collect all of your items to be shredded at the truck. We have a truck-mounted camera which allows you to view your items being shredded.

Scheduled Shredding Service

For businesses that have higher volumes of e-waste that they’d like to maintain throughout the year, we offer scheduled, recurring destruction services. Through this service, we’ll work with you to set a schedule of when we’ll come onsite to your business to collect your items to be shredded. 

Contact ShredQuick To Begin an E-Waste Management Program For Your Business

If you’d like to find out more about how ShredQuick can help your business manage e-waste, contact us today. We’ll walk you through your options and provide you with a free quote upon request.

ShredQuick is trusted by many Florida businesses for information destruction services. Click here to view our service areas.

We are active in the secure destruction industry and maintain the highest security standards for our services. In fact, ShredQuick has been awarded the he highest security rating, “AAA Certified” by the International Secure Information Governance & Management Association. 

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