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Why E-Waste Should Be Included in Your St. Petersburg Company’s Cybersecurity Plan

In St. Petersburg, businesses depend on technology. Mostly, companies upgrade their electronic and computer equipment every five years. Really, it’s necessary to keep up with business. Yet, staying current with technology generates the problem of e-waste.

Actually, this includes outdated, discarded drives and devices for which a company no longer needs. In fact, it’s crucial to dispose of e-waste properly. However, it’s not as simple as hauling old equipment to the dump.

Perhaps, you’ve disposed of computers and devices. These can still expose companies to cybersecurity risks. Thus, St. Petersburg businesses need to set up a sensible routine for eliminating e-waste. Accordingly, ShredQuick’s processes are crucial parts of that plan. 

Security Breaches Cost Money

Over the last four years, it’s estimated that 60% of companies have experienced some data breaches. In 2019, Risk Based Security claims hackers and cyber-criminals exposed 7.9 billion data records.

IBM says the total cost from a data breach is about $4 million. This includes investigation, fixes, PR control, litigation, and other expenses. Per experts, a quarter of these data breaches sprung from employee negligence. Of course, this is mostly due to the improper handling of e-waste. 

E-Waste Still Holds Private Information

Truthfully, discarded electronic equipment still contains confidential information. Often, mobile phones still have passwords saved to their core units. Additionally, old hard drives may hold customer data and sensitive documents.

Maybe, there’s something on the trash heap. However, that doesn’t mean it no longer poses a cybersecurity threat. That danger is very much alive, even with outdated products. 

Mere Wiping Isn’t Always Enough

Consider mass deletion and reformatting of drives and devices. Really, this makes data inaccessible to most common users. However, that doesn’t mean everything is effectively gone.

There have been studies on this subject. They show that up to 11% of deleted hard drives still hold information, much of it confidential. Thus, an experienced hacker can extract data from encrypted devices. Therefore, they could still hack enough information to pose a cyberthreat. 

E-Waste Solutions for St. Petersburg

Perhaps, you aren’t aware that ShredQuick has an e-waste elimination service. This includes complete data erasing, hard drive shredding, and computer recycling.

In fact, we guarantee our processes. We’ll destroy all the data on the devices you’re replacing. That, in turn, assures that all confidential data is entirely removed. Accordingly, make e-waste a prime part of your cybersecurity strategy.

In doing so, you’ll protect your employees, partners, and customers. Additionally, you can save your St. Petersburg company from wasting money in the process. ShredQuick can help. Contact us for more information.

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