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Lately, data breaches are becoming more common. It’s because we rely so heavily on technology. Also, many organizations store digital data versus on paper.

Therefore, learning how to properly protect your data from hackers is imperative. In fact, as technology advances, so do the abilities of hackers.

Thus, document encryption is one way to ensure that your data is protected.

What Is Document Encryption?

Encrypting a document or a piece of data is the process of encoding the document. This gives access to specified individuals.

Additionally, they must use a secret key (like a password or token). With this key, they can open and decrypt (make the document readable) the information stored.

Document encryption is used primarily to protect documents and data that are in transit. By doing so, they cannot be accessed by unauthorized.

In truth, it’s an effective way for a company to achieve a comfortable level of data security.

Why Is Encryption Important?

Actually, many companies fail to encrypt their stored data. That’s because it is more difficult to use.

Therefore, it is common for companies to side with usability over security. They utilize a “the odds of a data breach are low” mentality. Essentially, this is faulty logic.

That’s because one data breach could end up costing your company. This is in the form of money, reputation, and clientele. In reality, this rings especially true if you store most of your data digitally.

Here’s a great example of the importance of encryption. It’s accidentally sending an email to the wrong recipient. For example, let’s say you are a lawyer.

Maybe, you send files containing confidential information to your associate. Perhaps, it’s regarding key components of the case. In effect, one typo can result in this confidential information being sent to a complete stranger.

Consequently, if files were encrypted, this stranger would still receive the email. However, they would not have the ability to open the files in question.

Thus, encryption saves you from costly and legally-detrimental mistakes.

Of course, document destruction in the form of document shredding is important. Think about hiring a professional shredding company.

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Additionally, it’s important to protect your current data that is not yet ready to be disposed of.

Perhaps, your company does not already utilize encryption for its digital documents. In that case, experts recommend digital document encryption.

It should become common practice. This is true for every business, no matter the industry.