Best practices could include any number of policies and procedures. They are the ones that are in the greatest interest of your business.

For example, there are some best practices regarding customer service. These include an attitude that the customer is always right, or at least treating customers with care, kindness, and respect.

You might not necessarily think that document shredding falls under best practices. You may believe it’s only a safer way to take out the trash.

However, there are several benefits you stand to gain when you hire a reputable Florida document shredding service to handle your document destruction needs.

Create More Usable Space

Over time, the sheer scope of documents your business generates and stores can become burdensome. They take up space in your office that could be better used for employees or meeting rooms.

Alternately, it may cost you money in off-site storage fees. You should upgrade to digital storage. It allows your mobile document shredding company to scan and then shred years’ worth of old business records.

You no longer need to hang onto these in hard copy format. Thus, you could regain significant square footage for other business uses.

Increase Efficiency and Savings

Employees need access to data stored in hard copy format. To get it, they first have to figure out where it is. Plus, they may need to physically find someone who has access (i.e. a keycard to a secure room or a key to a locked filing cabinet, or both).

This is assuming documents are not currently in use by someone else, or that they have been properly filed or re-filed. They may even be stored on-site instead of archived at a separate storage facility.

You won’t have these problems when you say goodbye to your paper filing system and upgrade to digital storage. You can find the files you’re looking for on a computer database or in the cloud in seconds.

Additionally, if you need permissions for access, you simply have to shoot out a quick email or text. This increases efficiency and it’s yet another means of saving money.

Increase Security and Comply with Laws

This is perhaps the best reason to hire a professional document shredding service. A good vendor will provide your office with locked bins to collect documents.

They’ll arrive to shred them on-site while you watch. Then, they will cart the remains to a secure recycling facility. This increases data security.

Also, a reputable company will meet standards for applicable privacy laws (federal, state, local, and even industry-specific, such as HIPAA laws). This will ensure you’re always in compliance.