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Perhaps, you’re a small business. Maybe, you are a large one. Either way, you’re producing and managing lots of data daily.

In reality, information is constantly changing. Thus, your data will eventually become obsolete. Then, it needs to be discarded.

Of course, you have some records in your file cabinet or on your computer. These can be tossed without a second thought. However, it’s different for sensitive data like employee files or client information.

That information will need to be handled with care. Proper document destruction is a complex process.

However, it is important to understand something. Document destruction is a critical part of maintaining privacy. Also, it ensures business safety. 

Here are a few reasons why.

Your business handles tons of sensitive information. Therefore, you are responsible for it even if it’s no longer in your facility.

Let’s say the data ends up in the wrong hands. In that case, you’re ultimately held responsible for any incurred damages.

As a business owner, protecting your customer’s data is a top priority. Doing so is good business practice. Additionally, in many cases, it’s the law.

Our computers are equipped with technology. This allows us to backup files. Perhaps, you delete a document.

It’s possible that it may still be stored somewhere on your machine. That’s why it’s crucial to ensure the files are completely removed from your system.

Sometimes data must be destroyed immediately. This helps reduce the risk that sensitive information may become subject to identity theft or fraud.

One way to accomplish this is through document shredding.

Document shredding services include:

Bulk Shredding

This service is perfect for when purging of a large number of confidential documents. Actually, there are services available to help securely destroy sensitive information.

Route Shredding

This is a service provided on an ongoing basis. It’s for offices that need to securely remove confidential information. Security containers are dropped off at your office.

Then, employees use it as a depository for records to be discarded.  On your scheduled day of service, the containers will be removed.

Finally, the documents will be shredded at an off-site facility.

Mobile Document Shredding

This is available to those looking for on-site mobile document shredding. Shredding trucks will come directly to your facility. They provide paper shredding services at your convenience.

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