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Do you enjoy crime dramas like the CSI or Law & Order franchises?  If so, you probably understand the concept of chain of custody. 

In the legal world, the chain of custody refers to how crime scene evidence is handled.  It starts the moment police collect it.  Then, it goes through testing (like DNA or fingerprint testing). 

Finally, it is used in court to prosecute criminals.  Most importantly, it’s essential this evidence not be tampered with.  In fact, its whereabouts and care are documented at every stage. 

The same basic idea applies to document destruction.  Maybe, you turn documents containing sensitive data over to your trusted Florida document shredding partner. 

Thus, you need to know where it goes and how it is handled.  Hence, you’ll ensure other parties don’t access data and use it illegally. This includes things like a data breach or identity theft, for example. 

Yet, why is shredding chain of custody important?

Why is Shredding Chain of Custody Important for Your Business?

Let’s say you leave a pile of documents containing sensitive customer data in the conference room at work. It’s there for any employee to see.  Would you leave it in the street for bystanders to take? 

Obviously, you would not.  You understand your duty to protect the confidential data your customers entrust to you.  This includes names and addresses and social security numbers. 

Plus, it pertains to financial or medical data.  Really, it encompasses all potentially compromising information. 

Of course, this is a contract you make with consumers.  Also, it’s covered by numerous laws. These include federal, state, and local privacy laws. 

Additionally there are certain industry-specific regulations like HIPAA or FACTA to be followed.  First, you have to keep digital and hard copy data safe at all times. 

Then, you must engage in appropriate digital data destruction and document shredding practices. Doing these things is critical for compliance with all applicable laws. 

Proper Shredding Chain of Custody

Consider working with a reputable mobile document shredding service.  Thus, you’ll enjoy transparent knowledge of the chain of custody.  Also, they’ll provide security measures. 

These will ensure compliance with all laws you’re beholden to. Start with locking bins in your office.  Employees can safely deposit sensitive documents into them.

Your shredding partner will arrive on schedule.  They will empty bins and shred documents on-site as you watch.  Actually, they use industrial shredding equipment.

It meets the most stringent requirements for privacy protection.  Then, the remains are carted to a secure facility for recycling. 

Finally, you will receive a Certificate of Destruction as proof for your records.  This may seem like a lot of security and redundancy. 

However, keep account of your shredding chain of custody.  In doing so, you’ll protect your business, your customers, and confidential data.