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Document destruction doesn’t have to be complex or confusing.  Surprisingly, that’s why many businesses have no policies regarding the disposal of hard copy documents.

Without any direction, employees might throw anything in the trash.  This includes a lowly Post-It note with a phone number on it.

Also, it encompasses documents containing sensitive customer data.  This includes names, addresses, and account information.  Even worse, it can contain employee data like login and password information.

In other words, you need some kind of shredding policy in place.  When implemented, it will guide employees.

Also, it ensures you’re not being negligent in protecting the privacy of your customers and employees.  What kind of policy should you implement?  A shred-all policy is the best kind.

Therefore, here are a few reasons why to team up with a mobile document shredding company.  After all, it’s critical to mandate this policy for your business.

Avoid Confusion

You can try to institute a policy that entails selective document shredding.  Yet, this is bound to be confusing for employees.  Plus, it’s difficult to create and enforce.

Suppose your policy states that documents containing sensitive data must be shredded.  What does this mean?  What data is considered sensitive or private?

Now, you have to spell out the types of data that must be disposed of via shredding.  Actually, detailing this portion of your policy could be exhaustive.

Employees may not be able to remember it all.  This, in turn, causes them to waste time looking up information about each document.

It’s their decision to shred or put it in the recycling bin.  That’s the beauty of a shred-all policy.  With it, you’ll have no such problems.

That’s because every document is shredded, regardless of the data it contains.

Avoid Internal Theft

Team up with a Florida document shredding service.  In doing so, they’ll manage your shredding needs.

In fact, you’ll have the best opportunity to facilitate and enforce your shred-all policy.  Additionally, you’ll avoid potential issues like internal theft.

Your document shredding service will provide you with locking bins for your office.  Thus, employees slide documents through a secure slot.  Then, they stay there until shredded.

Essentially, this helps ensure nobody gets their hands on data they shouldn’t have access to.

Alleviate Stress

A shred-all policy helps you avoid confusion and theft.  After all, that’s common with other types of data destruction policies.  Also, it helps keep your office neat and free of clutter.

This, in turn, gives you peace of mind.  Thus, you’re doing everything to comply with privacy laws.  Additionally, this keeps confidential data secure.