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Are you starting a new business?  If so, there is a learning curve.  In reality, it will take time to work out the kinks.  Then, you’ll develop policies and procedures that ensure smooth sailing in your office.

Over time, however, you can also develop some bad habits.  Often, they’re hard to break.  One issue that often receives little attention is office clutter.

This includes stacks of papers piling up in bins, on desks, and even on the floor.  Actually, this is probably related to an abundance of document production.

Possibly, it’s due to unclear (or lack of) policies related to clutter.  Perhaps, you just don’t enforce policies effectively.  Maybe, it’s all of the above. 

Unfortunately, clutter is a real problem.  However, there is good news.  Clutter can be cleared with a clean desk, document shredding, and related policies. 

Why should you adopt a cleaner workplace and mandate document destruction?  Here are a few good reasons to say good riddance to clutter in your office. 

Improve Aesthetics

Of course, a cluttered office won’t impress any visiting business partners or clients.  In fact, it could make them wonder about something. Is the mess in your office an indication of a sloppy organization all around? 

Naturally, you want everyone to have confidence in your capabilities.  Hence, this starts with a clean and organized office space. 

Increase Efficiency

In Feng Shui, physical clutter is seen as a precursor to mental clutter.  In other words, the clutter in your office affects productivity in a number of ways.  

Truthfully, it’s more than just an eyesore and a distraction for workers.  Also, needed documents become extremely difficult to locate. 

Maybe, papers are in a stack on someone’s desk.  Possibly, papers float around the office.  Thus, locating needed information becomes incredibly time-consuming. 

Why force workers to track down documents?  After all, if they are properly filed, it saves everyone time and hassle.  Therefore, a clean desk policy increases efficiency and employee morale. 

Comply with Privacy Laws

It’s critical to do your best to ensure that any sensitive data provided by customers is kept safe.  Really, this is difficult to do when documents left out in the open are accessed by anyone. 

Mandate a clean desk policy that clears away clutter.  Additionally, adopt a shred-all policy.  It’s best to partner with a reliable mobile document shredding service.  In doing so, they’ll help you to keep data secure until documents are destroyed. 

In fact, your Florida document shredding company provides locking bins.  Your employees place documents in them for safekeeping.  Then, they’ll be picked up for shredding.