Protecting your business has become a battle on multiple fronts these days. However, don’t let the immediacy of your digital concerns supersede the importance of more traditional forms of record-keeping.

In other words, don’t forget that hard copies can contain just as much sensitive information as digital files. Here are a few reasons why it’s so essential to shred important business documents.

Meet Legal Requirements

The law does not say you have to shred documents. A business may keep paper copies of records as long as it wishes.

However, there is a legal obligation to protect those records. It’s important to safeguard the privacy of confidential customer, partner, employee, and vendor information.

This means you have to manage and store these documents securely. This can be difficult and expensive. Yet, when you decide to destroy them, you must undertake proper document shredding procedures.

That includes using appropriate shred size and disposal methods. Converting to digital document storage is safer. Also, it’s potentially cheaper.

It’s the easiest way to manage proper document destruction. Hiring a professional service keeps you in compliance with privacy laws and regulations.

Prevent Data Breach and Identity Theft

Adhere to legal standards and avoid penalty. Protect your company’s confidential data for itself and your business partners. Also, you need to safeguard your vendors, employees, and clientele. You don’t want competitors getting their hands on company secrets.

However, you have an important duty. Commit to protect the sensitive, personal information provided to you by employees, customers, and others. They furnish this information with the expectation you’re going to keep it safe.

Digitally, you use firewalls, encryption, password protection, and more. They keep access to confidential data limited. Also, they make certain that the data is secure from a breach. What about data in hard copy format? Are you as careful with how it is accessed and secured?

A reliable Florida document shredding service provides secure bins for the deposit of confidential documents. They pick up your documents for regular shredding on-site. They take the remains to a secure recycling facility. This significantly reduces the risk of data leaks, breaches, and identity theft.

Shred It All

A shred-it-all policy is the only way to ensure that important business documents get shredded along with everything else. Perhaps your policy mandates that some things get shredded and others don’t.

In that case, you open the door to mistakes that could be disastrous. So hire a reputable mobile document shredding service and make sure that every paper your office produces, important or not, is funneled to professional shredders.