As a business owner, you probably understand the importance of document shredding. It is an essential element in your document retention plan.

It helps rid your office of the clutter of unneeded hard copies. Additionally, it is a major part of complying with privacy laws where sensitive customer data is concerned.

Unfortunately, your in-office setup for document destruction might not be doing you any favors. In fact, it could provide nothing more than a false sense of security.

Sure, you could save a few bucks over paying for regular service from a mobile document shredding company.

Yet, consider that the money you save is paying your very overqualified employees to waste time shredding documents. By the way, you have to train them so they know what to shred and when.

There are several reasons why using an in-office, commercial shredder simply isn’t enough to protect your data in this day and age. Here’s what every business should know.

It May Not Comply with Privacy Laws

Your customers, business partners, vendors, and employees provide you with confidential, personal data. Under the law, you are required to protect it from threats like identity theft, fraud, and so on.

Document destruction is an important part of privacy laws your business must comply with. You may have to comply with federal, state, and local laws. That is in addition to industry-specific regulations.

These can include things such as the strict rules set forth for medical professionals by HIPAA. You might be surprised to learn that some of these laws go so far as to specify the type of shredder you use and the size of shredded particulates.

You’ll also find that there are a wide variety of commercial shredders to choose from. Some will not meet standards and will not set you up for compliance with applicable privacy laws.

Remains Could be Reconstituted

Suppose you find an office shredder that complies with all regulations. You may still have a problem if you toss remains in the trash.

Dumpster divers could steal your shreds. They use sophisticated scanning software to reconstruct documents in order to access the sensitive data they contain. Even hauling remains to a local recycling center may not be adequately secure.

Internal Threats

A reputable Florida document shredding company protects your data from both external and internal threats. The service includes locking bins that keep unauthorized personnel away from hard copies slated for destruction.

Don’t leave a stack of papers lying out in the open, waiting for shredding. If you do, anyone could gain access to sensitive data that’s above their pay grade, so to speak.