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Document destruction is certainly something the average business can do in-house without outsourcing. Often, many businesses mistakenly choose to do so.

The problem is that you can’t do the same job as reputable Florida document shredding professionals.

Actually, there are all kinds of benefits to be gained when you go pro and outsource information disposal.

Why should this tactic become a best practice for your business?  Here are a few things to consider.

Keep Data as Safe as Possible

First and foremost, you have a responsibility to the customers, clients, employees, business partners, vendors, and so on.

They provide you with confidential information. A failure to adequately protect this data could lead to severe consequences. This includes identity theft.

These things impact the lives of those you were supposed to protect. Therefore, you need to protect this data digitally.

Additionally, you must ensure that hard copies are properly destroyed. In doing so, you’ll avoid data theft.

Comply with Privacy Laws

Businesses have an ethical duty to protect confidential information for customers, employees, and so on. Yet, there’s also a legal obligation to do so.

Nowadays, there is a slew of privacy laws and industry standards to comply with. Thus, it makes more sense to outsource document shredding to professionals.

They will make it their business to understand and comply will all applicable privacy laws. They also adhere to industry standards like HIPAA, FACTA, and more.

Actually, they raise the bar for protecting specific types of data.

Cut Costs

Of course, it’s no surprise that partnering with a mobile document shredding service costs money. In reality, the truth is that the hidden costs related to in-house shredding are high.

In fact, it could end up being similar to (or even exceeding) the cost of hiring professional help. Companies have to purchase and maintain shredding equipment.

Also, they have to pay for man-hours spent shredding documents. Then, hauling waste to a secure recycling facility.

A third-party service provider does all of this for you and more. Truthfully, they save time and money. Plus, they provide peace of mind.

Protect Your Business

What happens when sensitive data falls into the wrong hands? Criminals could break into your network and hold it for ransom.

They could steal the identities of customers and employees. Plus, they could sell company secrets to competitors. Even worse is the fallout.

That, in turn, could potentially include government penalties. Then, you’ll have to deal with lawsuits, loss of customers, revenue, and ultimately, your business.

Therefore, hire a mobile shredding service. It is a small price to pay for the service and protections you’ll gain in the process.